An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


5. It's not that easy

A few weeks has passed by, and my days have sort of been the same. Classes, studies, friends and if I had time, the cabinet. Professor Slughorn was one weird fellow. I guessed I was so used to Professor Snape' boring classes that I couldn't imagine potions differently.With Professor Slughorn, students got sort of collected. If he was interested in you, he invited you to his dinner party that was held soon. Personally, I had no time for dinner parties and considered this as a waste of time. Anyhow, these students got favourite by our Professor, and his classes couldn't be fair any more.


As mentioned Professor Snape used to have potions, his classes were boring, but informative. He teaches us nothing more but what we needed to know, and it made me read a lot on potions to get an Excellent. Now he teaches Defense Against Dark Arts, which he clearly had more passion for. In D.A.D.A. You could see his passion, or at least I could see it. His attitude were lighter, his voice was fluent, his question were related. I personally enjoyed his classes more the more I had them.


After classes, I walked to the room of requirement to continue fixing the cabinet, I thought this was really exciting. As I stepped inside the room, something was very different. It was like someone had been doing dark arts in this room. I looked around on my way to the cabinet and found nothing, my mind went quickly from suspicions to fixing the fabulous cabinet.I put an apple inside, closed the door, closed my eyes until the swishing sound was all I heard. I opened up again to double check and yup, the apple was gone. I held my hand on the door as I locked it and concentrated to get the apple back. Swish, I opened the door and took my apple before closing the door again. This time, the apple was less damaged. This time it seemed like someone else was fixing the cabinet as well. My apple had a little scratch, which means in the closest time, the apple would be whole and I could start on breathing very living creatures.


I covered the cabinet, and put the apple in my pocket. When I looked up, I saw a mysterious book that I have never seen or read before. I opened the book and start reading. The I read I realized this must be the dark arts book. It was full of curses, not any curses, dangerous curses that might kill someone. Someone was about to get killed? Questions started popping into my head and suddenly I heard someone entering the room. I quickly hid behind some other cabinets, leaving me a half clear sight to the vanishing cabinet and I left the book. A blonde haired guy walked up to the cabinet carrying a little white bird. Is it Malfoy? He was the other one fixing the cabinet! He put the tiny bird inside, closed the door and the sound of the bird vanishing reached my ears. Draco seemed calm, and his face looked to the floor were I've left the book. SHIT. The swishing sound came again and Malfoy opened the cabinet door. I couldn't hear anymore bird singing, and I sort of figured it didn't work. He slowly sat down on the floor, sobbing.


Oh no. All I wanted to do was run up to him, give a tight hug and tell him it's okay, but again, I did not really know why he was sobbing. Why was he this sad? It might be something far away from the cabinet not working as it should do. He picked up the book and read the page I had left open, as he slowly put himself together. After a while, he was back on his feet and I believe he hid the book somewhere only he could find it and left the room as nothing has ever happened. Because, when I was looking for the dark arts book again, it was lost to me.I opened the cabinet, and my eyes met the lifeless white bird laying on the shelf. Poor thing, I grabbed it, felt its soft feathers. I decided to bury the beautiful bird and left the room of requirement.

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