An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


19. It Doesn't End Well

I hear a familiar sobbing sound, as I quietly step up the stairs of the astronomy tower. My guesses were right as I see the blonde haired boy, dressed in his dark, mysterious and handsome suit. Draco Malfoy. I get this strange feeling in my tummy, I realise I care for this boy, even though I don't really know him. I get sad, seeing him like this. I walk close to him, stretch out my hand to touch his shoulder, and then he turns. His wand is drawn at me, and his face is trying to hold it. But I can see that he is scared, I am not stupid. “Draco..” I say with sadness in my voice “What is going on?” I don't comment his wand, and for the first time I am asking because I care and not because I am curious. “I can't, you don't understand!” there's agony in his voice as he speaks between his teeth.


“No, I don't understand. But I want to, I want to help you” I am sincere, which he seems to notice as he takes back his wand. Malfoy shakes his head and sinks down to the floor. I follow him, I sit as closely as I get, letting my hand rest carefully on his shoulder. I don't speak, I want to let him talk when he is ready. Maybe that's the best way, I've tried pushing and it doesn't end well. I decided to speak up after all, if I share something valuable, maybe he'll follow. “When my parents got arrested, I honestly had no idea how to handle it. Thomas' family asked me to live with them, but I said no. I felt like I couldn't trust anyone.” Draco looks up at me, and I continue “I've kept my distance with everyone this year, except for you. I somewhat trust you, a lot.” I took a deep breath, moving my sight downwards and I now look at the ground, mostly in shame of what I am about to say. “And because I held distance, Thomas tried to end his life. That's why I was upset the other day. And I am forever grateful for your help, you saved a life Draco” I lift my head and I face him.


Draco seem stressed about what I've just told him, it was nice, wasn't it? Without him, Thomas wouldn't be here, how can I ever top that? However, Malfoy is now standing up again, almost shaking. Why was he so stressed? He didn't kill anyone, I almost did! I stand up “What's going on?” I am worried, did I say something wrong? Draco just shakes his head “I can't tell” he is now walking back and forth. “Draco, please. I really don't like seeing you like this” I grabbed his hand, hoping that it will calm him down. But no, it stressed him even more. He pulled his hand back “don't touch me” he sneered. And I somehow just knew what to do. “Draco, I care for you, and you can't take that from me” I snapped at him, and he froze.


Draco was now standing still staring at me, watching me closely. I have reached and pressed a sensitive button. I took a step closer “Honestly Draco, I want to know because I care. I want to help you, take something off your shoulders” He was considering this option. “Laura” he started, taking a deep breath and here it comes “As much as I want to, I can't” He seemed sad again. He really can't, the unbreakable vow maybe? I nod “Al right. Is there anything I can do?” He shakes his head. “I have to do this, alone, or he won't accept it” I can see that his mind is elsewhere again. “What are you thinking about?” I dared myself to ask. His eyes were distant, he was spacing out.


He took a deep breath, kept his eyes still and opened his mouth “If I don't succeed, he will kill me and my family and I can't let that happen. They are everything I've got” I watch him closely and I try to understand, but I have to be sure. “Who is 'he'?” I asked carefully, and luckily for me Malfoy was still too deep in thought. “The Dark Lord” he simply says, like he was under a imperius curse. “Are you a Death Eater?” I had my eyes at him, “I am-” he suddenly snapped back to reality and got furious at my question. “It's none of your business, Weather!” he snapped and rushed down from the astrology tower. Personally I didn't mind if he was a Death Eater, I just wanted to know, however, the pieces were almost put together. The only thing I didn't know, was who he had to get rid of.

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