An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


3. Hogwarts Express

I found myself finally on the Hogwarts express, not specially interested in talking to anyone this time. I sat with some other sleeping students and a few tables around were full of Slytherins. Not that I really minded, if I did, I would've moved else where. My head rested on the window glass and my mind where all over the place. I remembered when my grandmother told me about muggles, and muggleborns. How they all were poison to our society. Yet, my knowledge of muggles and muggleborns were different, I found them quite al right.


That same evening Greyback had been there over for dinner. He was tired, but angry. I feared this man above all fear. My boggart even turned into him, as I feared. My grandmother had told me to go upstairs to my bedroom and wait until she came up to. I was probably ten years old that time. Wow, it's already been six years since she died, time has gone by so quick. Anyway, she never showed, I sat in that bedroom until my parents came by to pick me up. They never told me what actually happened, I was left with the big question. Who murdered her? Was it really Greyback?


Not knowing must be the worst part, if you know, fear is irrelevant. Fear can only exists where there is questions. Suddenly it all went dark, like one of those Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder, from the Weasleys shop. I looked carelessly around, expecting it to be a joke made by the Slytherins to scare other students, especially the youngest ones, but I was wrong.


What was that!?” Draco Malfoys voice was furious, and he was standing up in the corridor. I glanced at him figuring out that Parkinson and Zabini already started talking to him as he slowly sat down. So it seems this wasn't a Slytherin trick, and I no longer had that in mind. We approached Hogwarts and as I stepped out of the train with my trunk and I saw a confused Granger and Weasley looking eagerly after someone. As that did not exactly bother me, I loaded my trunk to my ride and soon put my butt on the vehicle and transported with some other students closer to the school.


As I arrived the gates where Professor Flitwick was there to greet me, he calmly asked “Name?” Flitwick talked, but did not really look at me.“Weather, Laura” I answered and soon left to the next stop. It seemed the trunks were being searched this year, and for the obvious reason. We probably are the dark lords strongest weapon if he wished to attack this school, but for me, this was rubbish. I know he had returned, but why be such an idiot and attack a school full of innocent people huh?.. And then it stroked me, Potter, he is and will always be after famous Harry Potter. I left my trunk with the aurors and went inside the castle.


I sat down at the Ravenclaw table, next to Thomas Zograf and Evan Keddle as they were chatting. These two were my best friends at this school, my study partners and mind-opening guys. We've been with each other for four years and are ready for our fifth. Professor Dumbledore and the sorting hat had some depressive speeches before sorting the poor first graders into their houses. As I looked up from the table, I saw Potter getting inside the great hall with Luna Lovegood, his nose seemed to be bleeding since he held that cloth over it. Lovegood on the other hand, seemed normally odd as always, adorable but odd. 

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