An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


6. Hogsmeade

Today was an awfully stressful day. Thomas and Evan had dragged me down to Hogsmeade, even though I thought it was way to crowded and it seriously wasn't really my thing. After a while of meaningless wander, we finally sat down at a table at the Three Broomsticks. My face was turned towards the door, and I caught Draco Malfoy entering the pub with a package in his hands. He looked very handsome in his dark suit and his hair was in perfect place. His eyes were looking for something and he walked out of my sight. Right behind him Professor Slughorn entered the pub, but I wondered what Malfoy was doing here alone. He wasn't the kind of guy who would wander off alone, was he? However, he would probably be too proud to admit anything if I asked.


“Would you fancy a butterbeer?” Thomas' voice interrupted my thoughts and I turn to face him. “Not, really. So, no thank you?” My answer was simple, but apparently a bit confusing as I confused myself more than I confused Thomas and Evan. As they continued to chat, and their chat soon became a white noise to my ears, I start looking around. My eyes stopped at the table Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley sat on, facing my direction. Were they looking at us? No I don't think so, but they were looking at someone sitting nearby us. My eyes didn't meet any other eyes, so they could not directly be looking towards us.


In the corner of my eye Malfoy was on his way out of the pub, as I turned to face him I noticed he did no longer have the package he was carrying earlier. Maybe that's the reason why he was here, delivering something to someone. He stopped for a short while in front of Potter and his friends, before leaving the pub. Professor Slughorn then blocked my view, and I turned to my friends again trying to catch up what they've been talking about. Just when Evan spoke “I believe Professor Snape fits Defence Against Dark Arts. He's all dark, and scary and stuff.” Thomas shakes his head and quickly replied “No, I liked him better in potions. He sort of reflected the boringness in the class. Now the most necessary class is just creepy.” I raised my eyebrow and interrupted “Guys, if there is someone who is passionate about Defence Against Dark Arts, it is Professor Snape. And besides, potions are still boring, even with Professor Slughorn.” Evan clearly disagrees and continued “ Professor Slughorn is far too kind.” “Potions aren't mean, Evan. Neither are Professor Snape?” I answered quickly, and I knew this discussion could go on forever.


Getting some fresh air after a long time inside the Three Broomsticks were fantastic. We walked a few meters behind Potter and his friends. We've been walking a few minutes and suddenly a girl was thrown in the air. I stopped Thomas and Evan from walking any further as the girl was tossed back and forth in the air. If there's one thing I am not interested in, it is getting into unnecessary trouble, even as a witness. As my eyes followed that poor screaming girl in the air, I remembered reading about this. It was from the book I found in the Room of Requirement, the page I left open. The curse was clearly strong, but fortunately not strong enough to kill. The girl was thrown back to the ground and I saw Hagrids head, I figured she was now in good hands. The adventurous walk back to school was slow, and quiet. We all had a lot on our minds as we had a few assignment that needed to be done very soon.


Back at Hogwarts, Thomas, Evan and I were at the library working on our assignments. It was really a comfort having them around even though we didn't speak much. But if I was in doubt or in trouble, they would be there for me, as I would be there for them. Evan's family had offered me to live with them after my parents got arrested, but I thanked no to the offer. I was going to work anyway, so it was better for me to stay home. I finished my first assignment, I have learned in the hard way, that you should rather concentrate on one subject each day, than every subject everyday. And remember the breaks, food is required as your mind only stay fully concentrated for fifteen minutes, and could stay a bit concentrated for forty-five minutes. I left the guys in the library and head back to my dormitory.


On my way back to the dormitory I met Potter wandering in the direction of our headmasters office. He had done that for a while now, and I started wondering why he was required to be there that often. But those questions slipped my mind as fast as I saw Malfoy sitting alone in a windowsill. His beautiful grey eyes gave me a short glance as I passed, why have I never noticed how beautiful his eyes were? Even though his eyes were cold, hard and full of pride, they also said something I couldn't quite put my finger on. "I am owned by every man, though my length differs. Their wives use me after getting married. What am I?" The bronze eagle shaped knocker had given me yet another riddle. "I believe you are a last name." As I spoke I placed a smile on my face. "You sure are right, please enter." The knocker opened up the door as it spoke, and I could enter my common room.

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