An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


7. Dinner party

Today was this over-exciting Christmas party held by none other than Professor Slughorn. I knew this because Loony Lovegood was going with Potter and she's been talking a bit about it. I hope they enjoy the Christmas party, however I thought Professor Slughorn held way too many parties. But this day I was not going to use my energy thinking about something I was not attending. In other words, my mind had to be clear for my just received project in Astrology.


As I went up to the astronomy tower, I met all sorts of people all dressed up for the Christmas party. I felt really comfortable were I walked as I wore my favourite black jeans with an oversized dark purple sweater, ready to just relax. As I headed for the tower I passed Malfoy sitting alone in a windowsill looking a bit lonely. I kept wondering if he cursed the object Bell carried the other day. I do after all still miss that dark arts book I found, and I knew for a fact he took it and probably read the open page, which might have or not have been that specific curse.


I finally reached the astronomy tower, and I enjoyed the view for a moment or two. Or maybe even an hour or two. The view was amazing, from the tower you could see the beautiful colours of the forbidden forest. You could see the Quidditch pitch, it was really huge and majestic there it stood. You could see the sun setting down, the darkness cover the sky and shortly after lighted up by the brightening stars. And what I really thought was beautiful, the big shiny moon. I was mesmerized by the moon, and I always had a weakness for it. I believed the moon was there to give us some light in all this darkness surrounding us. I also though of the moon as a sun you could actually look at without getting blind.


I caught up on time, and realized I needed to leave soon. I guess I didn't even get to start on my project which was a shame, but it also gave me a reason to be back as well. I took a good last glance at the moon and headed back to my dormitory. As I walked peacefully, minding my own business I suddenly heard a small dunk. Like someone got slammed against the wall, and I stopped trying to locate the sound. I heard talking and now I was pretty sure where they were, but I didn't move, after all I heard it already from were I was standing so why risk anything.


“Let me help you.” This voice was so familiar, it was dark, sort of whispering. “I don't need your help!” This was a different voice, it wanted to scream, maybe even cry, but whispering. “I was chosen for this. He chose me!” Their voices lowered and I could no longer hear them. I tried really hard to place these voices I just heard. What were they talking about? Why were they so upset? I heard footsteps and quickly started to walk. Even though I didn't meet anyone, I still didn't want to get caught.


I went up to the knocker, not really ready for my riddle, however the knocker didn't wait. “There is an ancient invention still used in some parts of the world today that allows people to see through walls. What is it?” The knocker seemed quite happy about it's riddle, and I was pretty excited too, I loved riddles and I sometimes just walked out of the common room, to answer a riddle. “I believe it is a window.” I was pleased with my answer, and placed a smile on my face. “You are bright as always.” The knocker responded, and opened up the door to my common room.


After changing to my pyjamas, brushing my teeth, I was ready to sleep. I curled up in my bed, closed my eyes, and tried to not thing about anything until I fell asleep. But before that could happen, I had to figure out who I heard earlier today. The voices was so familiar, I am almost certain that I hear one of the voices almost everyday. The other voice I had heard just a few times, but the other voice also seemed very upset. I went on, trying to fit the voices to some faces, and after a long time I placed one of them. Professor Snape, it had to be. Which also means, the other voice could be Draco Malfoy, or? My mind was exhausted, and I fell asleep shortly after naming those voices still left with many questions.

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