An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


17. Black Bird

“I'm so sorry” I said while I was holding back my tears, he couldn't see me like this, not ever. He glanced at me and lost his cold attitude and it seemed he actually cared. I pulled myself into a hug even though I could feel him being surprised by my actions and pretty uncomfortable with it, but I stayed still. Trying to fight back the tears, pulling my self together, but at the same time I couldn't help it. I let go of Malfoy and sank down to the floor, sobbing. I felt Draco sit awkwardly beside me, completely silent. I guess he is not used to situations like this. I gathered some air before I broke the silence “Do you want to talk?” I glanced carefully at him, well knowing my eyes were swollen and my voice was almost gone.


He shrug his shoulders, “Anything, just talk.” I assured him, I didn't really care about what he was talking about, as long as he talked. Draco took a deep breath before opening his mouth “What is it to talk about?”. I looked at him, but he was not looking back at me. “I honestly don't know.. What about the cabinet?” He turned his head to face me and he replied “I don't want to talk about that” Even though I had an idea why, I still had to ask “Why not?” I could see he was slightly annoyed, but he answered me anyway “Because I can't”


“Why? What is going on?” I pull my self together as I was now focusing on Malfoy. “I can't!” Draco stands up as he shout, he went from almost calm to very upset. I stand up next to him “You can tell me, I won't tell anyone” I tried to reassure him, but for no use. “Don't you understand? I can't!” His eyes were tearing up, I have pushed him too far but I am not going to stop. “Why is that? I don't understand, you've got to tell me” My voice was calm, as I hoped to calm him down as well. “He'll kill me!” His voice were trembling, his tears were falling and he now started to walk away. I quickly grabbed his arm, and his eyes met mine. “I care about you, I can help you” I assured him, but yet again, for no use. He took his arm back with massive power almost making me fall forwards. “No one can help me, I have to do this. Alone.” Draco Malfoy walked away, very upset, depressed? Pressured? I certainly did not help, and now he was gone for me. I had to make up for this, sometime. Maybe not now, maybe he needed some space, he haven't left the room yet.


I turned back to the cabinet asking myself 'why are you so important?' Malfoy turned up behind me, holding a small black bird. He puts the bird inside the cabinet, closes it and turn to me. “Don't tell.” I nod as he spoke, I certainly will not tell anyone. Why would I tell a secret, if I tell it, it's not really a secret any more. Malfoy is about to open the cabinet, but something frightens him and he leaves in a hurry. “Draco, wait-” I was too late, he was yet again gone. I turn back to the cabinet unsure whether I should open it or not. I can hear a small noise from the cabinet, and I believe the bird was still alive. He had finally made it!


I walk outside of the castle, I need some space, thinking about everything that had happen today. Thomas, Evan and Malfoy. It were a lot going on and I was somehow too blind to even see what was really happening. All I knew about Thomas was that I was too late, too distant, too mean. Evan was mad at me for it, he have every right to be mad. Malfoy, I had pushed him a lot today, I am actually surprised he didn't leave earlier, he really tried to be there with me. As I walk inside the castle I meet Potter again, on his way to what I believe is herbology? What was he suppose to do there? Detention?


Potter had been strange this entire year, I mean, he is strange every year but somehow he does something important for this school, right? But this year it were all different, it was like he got this mission received, not antecedently found.  

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