An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


18. Awkward

New day, new possibilities. I had received a letter from Madame Pomfrey, telling me she transferred Thomas to St. Mungos for better care. I really hoped he got the help he needed, because I wanted to tell him I was extremely sorry, from my soul. I went around with this terrible feeling of guilt, and shame. But I tried not to focus on that, I hid from Evan as he was still furious with me, as he still have every right to be. I hid for now, in the Room of Requirement writing some sort of a short story about my dream last night. I liked keeping my dreams as a story, because they were all so real, and they reminded me of why I was acting the way I was acting.


I heard a noise, and I realised it was the door opening for someone else. I freaking forgot to ask for some privacy again. I quickly hid behind some tables as I thought this might be Evan entering the very same room, with the wish to kill me or beat me, but no. Harry Potter and I believe the girl was Ginny Weasley, walked inside the room. I hid somewhere I could barely see them. “The room of requirement” Harry spoke, I recognised his voice, making sure it was really him, I continued hiding. “We need to hide the half-blood princes book, where no one will ever find it. Including you” Ginny seemed eager to hide this book as she spoke, her voice was clear. They walked closer and closer to the cabinet as a sound echoed through the room. “What was that?” They spoke at the same time, and stopped.


They continued walking and reached the cabinet, as Harry was about to open it, I realised the were something inside it wanting to get out. I had a clear sight to the cabinet and Harry Potter, who was now opening the cabinet. A black bird flew out at once and away from the cabinet, landing nearby where I was hiding. I remembered it was the black bird Malfoy had put inside the cabinet the other day. I smiled a bit as I realised I was right, the cabinet was almost fixed, if it was not already fixed. “See, you never know what to find up here.” Ginny's voice sounded exciting, and a bit of relief. I heard footsteps and figured out she must be the one walking, and she stopped for a little while. “Al right, close your eyes that way you can't be tempted.” Her voice was yet again clear, I figured Potter must be speechless since he was so quiet. Ginny started walking again and she whispered “close your eyes”.


As she stepped out of my sight, Potter was still standing still, clearly in my sight. I wondered what kind of book needed to be hid here, somewhere especially Potter couldn't find it. Wasn't he all good guy? Ginny came back in my sight and she kissed Potter. God knows how long they were kissing, but I wanted out of this room right away, their snogging made me feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable. They finally left the room and again, it was me and the cabinet.


I walked up to the cabinet, curious about how far it had come. I felt it's wooden doors, wondering if I should step inside and see where it brings me, but I am reminded that I had no death wish and quickly got rid of that idea. I sat down, and continued to write my short story which were almost done. 

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