The Heart Wants What It Wants

Force is never a good way to get someone to do what you please. So when the King tell his daughter that she is getting married when she turns eighteen, her reaction is not exactly happy. One stumble sends her into a wave of emotions and decisions she has to make, because one thing her father always says is true; with decisions comes consequences. Will she be able to get the arranged marriage canceled so she can go explore the world and start the search for her true love? Or is destiny against her?


1. I'm Getting Married!?


The hard wood floor felt cold beneath the touch of my warm feet as I walked across the room and towards my favorite place in the entire world. I sat down at the small carpet and looked out of the window that was slightly open and overlooking the forest beneath it. I pulled my knees to my chest and leaned my head against the wall behind me, knowing that I only had a few minutes left to enjoy some of the little alone time I had in the twenty-four hours the day had to offer me. After that one of the maids would show up and help me get ready for the day that was already neatly planned out for me, with no time for myself. First on the list; Breakfast.

A soft knock on the door made me sigh, as I granted the access she needed. In stepped a tiny figure with beautiful blond hair and a face covered in a very thin layer of natural makeup. She smiled to me as she bowed slightly and told me that she was there to help me get ready. I nodded understandingly and stood up properly my hands held in front of me as my mother had taught me ages ago. A princess always fold her hands in front of her; remember that Adara and you will come far in life. The memory of my mother made me play with the necklace I always wore on me no matter the occasion.

I left the room dressed in pair of black jeans and a neatly ironed shirt in baby blue, my hair slightly curled and makeup done to perfection. I walked into the dining room where the rest of my family had gathered for the first meal of the day, which my father demanded we had together as a family. My brothers we talking about the last game clearly not agreeing on the win, since Xander was waving his knife around like a madman at Jace who just happened to be laughing at his older brother, while Damen just leaned back and watched in amusement.

I walked past the scenario and down to my father whom I greeted with a hug and kiss on the cheek like I always did. Then I took my rightful place at his left side and waited for my brothers to calm down. Damen was the first to notice my arrival, I was greeted with his signature wink and smile which made me roll my eyes at him for treating me like one of his hook ups.

“Damen for the love of the lord above, can you please stop greeting me like that? I am not one of your…. Your..” I was struggling to find an appropriate word for it, when Xander stepped in and helped me out.

“Sluts? Whores? Attention seekers?” He offered which made Jace laugh, then join the conversation.

“Blowers? One night stands? Or worse!” He exclaimed and winked at me before continuing in a dramatic voice. "Friends!” He said. Xander almost spit out the orange juice he had only shortly before taken in, but he managed to keep it in his mouth.

“Yes, all of that. I am your sister, Damen. Not some poor girl you feel like you can take advantage of because you are of royal blood. Please treat me like your sister, and nothing else.” I stated firmly. Damen was just about to speak up but his speech was cut short when breakfast rolled in on silver plates. Fruits, bread, milk and cheese all in different shapes and sizes. I looked around, desperately trying to find my favorite when someone nudged my shoulder.

I turned around slightly and saw the chef holding my favorite cheerios by his side with a smile. I should have known. I thanked him with a smile before pouring myself a bowl of cereal digging into it with the spoon by my side.

As the breakfast came to an end, my father cleared his throat and looked at us from his seat at the end of the table. He wore a casual white shirt with a black tie and black pants as he always did when it was just the five of us. On his hand he wore the gold ring that symbolized the bond he had committed too when he married my mother. He looked at each of us before he spoke.

“As you all well know, Adara is turning eighteen in just a week. Our little girl is growing up, and with growing up comes responsibilities. Therefore, I have planned a celebration party, to welcome our little princess into the adult world with a bang. The party will be held on the night of her birthday and Kings and Queens from all around the world will be there. I therefor ask you all to behave, to not make any headlines up until the party, yes Damen I am indeed implying this directly to you. But of course there is also another important thing about this celebration. It will also be an engagement party.” My father said shocking everybody in the room. I dropped my spoon on the table, only fearing what was about to come.

“Because as you well know, the eighteenth birthday is also the day it is legal to get married, and I have found the perfect man for our little girl. He is very handsome and you will all get a chance to meet him at the rehearsal dinner in just two days. The King and Queen will arrive with their children tomorrow night, and I expect all of you to behave and do your best to make them feel welcome. I am sure that was all I had to say, you may continue eating, as for myself I have some wedding planning to start working on.” He stood up from his chair and walked away like nothing had happened.

I could feel the eyes of my brothers burning holes in my skull. My thoughts were running wild and tears were threatening to fall.  I rose from my chair and walked out of the dining hall leaving the voices of my concerned brothers behind. There was no way I was marrying a guy I had never met nor talked too. I stormed past maid and butlers that all gave me concerned looks and up the stairs to my father’s office. Without knocking or even a hint of what was about to go down, I stormed into his office slamming the door shut behind me.

He looked up surprised to see me, and then he must have noticed my face and my anger. He was about to speak up but for once I beat him too it.

“And arranged marriage!? What were you thinking dad?! I am not even eighteen yet and you are already planning to throw me out of the house and into the home of some stranger I have never met? I cannot believe you! Did you not stop to think twice about consulting me about this before you went ahead and gave me away? Huh? Gosh!” I yelled. His expression had changed from surprised to angry while I had been talking but I did not give it a thought. I was furious to say the least.

“Adara I have made the arrangements and this is what is going to happen. You are going to marry this prince, and I do not care if you want too or not. It is my decision, and the prince himself is very excited to meet you, so I expect you to behave the best you can!” He stated firmly.

“And what about me? What do I get to say in this? I’m just going to obey and become this… Twonk’s wife at the age of eighteen!? I am most certainly not! I refuse to marry someone I do not know father! Please! Mother would not have approved of this!” I knew I had crossed the line by mentioning my mother and I knew he was angry and I was only confirmed in this when he answered me.

“Do not tell me what and what not your mother would have approved off do you understand me young lady? I will not hear of this! You will marry Prince Luke and you will do it with a smile! This is the end! Go to your room!” He said dangerously calm. I stomped my foot on the floor like a stubborn child and ripped his expensive door open, only to slam it shut harder than I did when I entered the room.

I stormed past my brothers without a word and down towards the kitchen area where I knew one of the doors to the outside would be open. I opened the door and with fast steps, I walked across the courtyard and entered the forest. The second I was surrounded by leaves and the silence of the forest, I let the tears fall. One by one, they streamed down my cheeks leaving a trail of mascara behind them as another reminder of what my future held. A life given away by my own father, to someone I had never met. I had always imagined getting married to someone I loved and cared for. Someone I had been through a lot with, not some Hollywood star that only got me because his family had wealth and good looks.

I sat down by a small lake as I let the tears fall freely and thought about a way to get myself out of the mess he once again had put me in. 




The Castle 







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