A Frozen Story- Once Upon a Singer

A beautiful small town girl,who has this beautiful voice, shunned by the town because her voice was so beautiful.This small town didn't want the attention,but what happens when a famous boyband discovers her?


5. Chapter 4

"Because I....."

Think Niall think!!Why did you look at this specific video? You cant tell her that you saw her face and thought that you looked pretty so why not give her a shot no? I mean she would be flattered  I called her pretty but no!

"Because I wanted to give you a chance "I finally said
"Oh"She said
"Yeah, you're really good."I said
"Thanks, but I have to face it I will never make it in that business"She said
"Nonsense! You will make it!"I said"In fact I insist you come on tour with us and open up for us!!"
"Really OMG!"She screamed. That lit her light blue eyes right up, to this amazing crystal blue color.
I have to go tell the boys, so I ran back to the tree house to tell the boys.
"Boys were going to bring Christa with us.."I said
"Okay that's fine she seems cool anyways"Liam said
Yes I can bring her on tour,she is going to love it.Paul is going to love her also.


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