A Frozen Story- Once Upon a Singer

A beautiful small town girl,who has this beautiful voice, shunned by the town because her voice was so beautiful.This small town didn't want the attention,but what happens when a famous boyband discovers her?


4. Chapter 3

Today the boys are going to be here,great and I can't meet them. If I leave these things could and probably will happen:

1.If I leave this tree house I could get eaten by a bear.
2. I will get shunned by One Direction and the whole town.
3.All of the above.

God my life sucks doesn't it.I decided to lay down on my 'Bed' and check my twitter.
@NiallOffical:Were in your town @_yagirlc were gonna find ya!

Then I saw their selfies with fans and the mayor.Wow, I wish I was there since they came down here to be with me!
I then hear footsteps so I peaked outside and saw the boys and there bodyguard Paul.

"She isn't here!!"I hear Louis say.
"We told you she was a fake Niall!"I heard Harry say
"She is real I just know it!"Niall said
"Oh look up there a tree house"I heard Liam say
"Lets go check it out"Zayn said
They all ran and one by one they climbed up the ladder.I have to hide, I decided to hide under my bed and watch them come in....

"Oi, looks like something lives here"Niall said
"Not something, a girl" Liam said as he spots me.
"Its you! The one who has the beautiful voice!"Lou said
"Yeah I know, I am in hiding now."I said
"Why do you hide! You have such a beautiful voice" Niall says
"I know, thanks Niall but I am getting shunned by the whole town and even my parents!"I said nearly crying
"But why?"Liam asks as he comes over and sits next to me and rubs circles in my back.
"My town doesn't like the attention,they want to stay small forever!" I said and started crying
Niall looked a little jealous that Liam was next to me.But he also looked upset.
"Sorry I don't like when girls cry"He said
"Same with me,but only I hate it when babies cry"I said
I climbed down the treehouse and left Liam,Harry,Zayn and Louis up in the tree house.Then me and Niall started to talk..
"So Niall,why did you decide to look at my video this time?"I asked
"Because I............."



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