A Frozen Story- Once Upon a Singer

A beautiful small town girl,who has this beautiful voice, shunned by the town because her voice was so beautiful.This small town didn't want the attention,but what happens when a famous boyband discovers her?


3. Chapter 2

Oh god!! They've seen it!! But that also means the mayor saw that they saw it!! Oh god, oh god! What do I do? What do I do?? Oh yeah pretend like nothing happened.I ran downstairs to see my house on T.V

"Teenager, Christa Rodriguez has been noticed by One Direction."The News Reporter said"Young Christa,will be shunned from everyone.You must follow the Mayors orders,or you shall be shunned also.I am Cathy Brooks signing off"
Wow, being shunned.That really stings.I guess, its time to go to school now.I run upstairs and change into my uniform.Then I grab my backpack and my pink HP laptop. I then run to the bus where everyone is just ignoring me.Wow this really really stings, I mean like even the friendliest people are shunning me! Oh come on! We got to school and I was immediately kicked out! God this is really bad.
"We don't want your kind of people here" said the Intercom outside"Now leave"

I ran home and packed a suitcase,with some food,clothes and some books to read and stuff.I packed my phone,laptop, and my ipod.Basically the essentials. Then ran off to where the town didn't have to deal with me.A treehouse in the woods. Where there are bears,deer,fox and mice.But thank god, I will be living in a tree house!

 I threw my suitcase up into the treehouse and then quickly climbed up because I saw that a bear noticed me.I quickly shut the little door.I closed the windows, made my bed, set up the little little kitchen.
"Home sweet Home I guess"I said
I checked my twitter and it said
@NiallOffical: @_yagirlc we will be in your town tomorrow can't wait!
Oh great,they're are still coming!Why can't they cancel!Oh wait I forgot, because they're so nice!!! Yeah woopdie doo!! Great job Christa!You got your whole town to shun you,plus your idols are coming and you're not going to be able to meet them! How does that feel? I just broke down in tears,why cant I be like normal teenage girls in this town!?!


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