A Frozen Story- Once Upon a Singer

A beautiful small town girl,who has this beautiful voice, shunned by the town because her voice was so beautiful.This small town didn't want the attention,but what happens when a famous boyband discovers her?


2. Chapter 1

Hey I am Christa! I am 16 and I love to sing.

"That's the end of the video for today!Hope 1 Direction sees it this time!"I say as I end the video

Oh yeah. I really hope my idols see me.Like I want to become famous but, if I do have to move, because my town does not like the attention what so ever.They want to stay a small town forever.I hate to tell them, its not going to stay like that forever. Any who, I should be going now. I have to meet my friends at the mall.

*After the Mall*

Okay back!  I got some One Direction merch, some uggs, half tops, and etc. God, btw I am a fangirl but not your average fangirl.I get One Direction and 5sos stuff but I am don't cry, don't scream or ya know shiver when I am near them. I would be like OH MY GOD or ITS THEM!!!But I wont do any normal fangirl stuff.Anyways I should go check my twitter.Oooh people checked out my video.

@NiallOffical: Hey you're really good
@Harry_Styles:Yeah, were going to come down to your hometown to meet you
@NiallOffical:Are we your Idols?

No way! They checked it out! Oh no!!! That's not a good thing!

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