You Deserve Better

First I would like to thank J.K.R for all of her awesome characters. Also, I want to say that if you don’t ship Cho and Harry or as I would like to call them Charry, then stop reading now!!!!!!!!!!! Just so that you won’t be surprised, Cedric is going to be alive AND a jerk. So, if you don’t like these things, I would like it if you would stop hating and just give this a chance. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!


2. The winning ceremony and the celebration

“Here is the winner, Harry Potter!” That’s what Fudge just said. (A/N Harry grabbed the cup alone. That’s why Cedric didn’t die.)  Applause filled the room as he walked upon the stage.

“Do you have a speech ready?” I’m pretty sure he didn’t.

“Yes, I do, he says a grabs a piece of paper out of his robes.

“I want to thank you for letting me participate in these games. I know that I wasn’t suppose to but you guys let me anyway. I didn’t even imagine that I was going to participate, let alone win. I thank my best friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley for helping me along the way. I also thank my fellow participants for not being rude to me as I played even though I was too young. And, lastly but not the least, I thank my headmaster Professor Dumbledore for all the help and support that he has given to me over the years. Without him, I am positive I would’ve lost. Thank you.” Applause again as he leaves the stage.

“Cho, are you going to the party in Gryffindor common room?” asks Marietta.

“Um yeah sure. Only if you are,” I respond.

“Hell yeah. Hot boys, drinks, everything that a party needs. 

“Okay, but I’m not drinking,” I say.

“Alright,” she says while grabbing my arm and dragging me along. The things that I do and the places that I go for this girl are just insane. Like when we were first years, she dropped her lucky bracelet in the lake. And she begged me to go get it because “she had just done her hair” So, I jumped in the freezing water and got it. Well, I guess the bracelet saved us from detention. The 4th years where skinny dipping and got caught. Every since then, me and her have been the best of friends. I tell her everything and she does the same to me.

“Cho, are you still with us?” asks Marietta, snapping me back into reality.

“Yeah, just thinking,” I reply.

“Well quit thinking, we are here,” she says. A Gryffindor, Neville Longbottom, I think says the password and we all walk in. There are a lot of people in here. Next thing I know, Cedric and I are making out.

“Give her back!” says Marietta, pulling us apart.

“See you later,” he says smiling at me.

“Thirsty?” she asks me.

“Um sure,” I reply just know realizing how thirsty I am. The drink that she gives me tastes really good.

“What’s this?” I asked her after drinking the whole thing.

“Iced tea,” she replies to me.

“Wow, more please,” I say to her. She pours me some more of the iced tea.

“Come on, let’s party!” she says to me.

“Alright, but not too much,” I reply. We go and start talking to Angelina Johnson. She is really nice person. I go and get some more to drink, and the rest of the night is hazy to me.


If you can’t tell yet, I have been making each chapter 500 words. How do you like the story? What do you think will happen in the next chapter? I welcome criticism so if you think something bad about the story so far, post it so I can change it. Do you think that I should have more words per chapter? And my final question is do you think that I should have a sequel?  P.S just about the whole story will be from Cho’s POV. Whoever is the closest to what is happening in the next chapter will receive a dedication and I will read a story of their choice. Thanks for reading!!!!


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