My Everything

What if Katniss didnt volunteer, but instead Rory did?


9. Chapter 9

"Hi, I'm Rory," I say, "Do I know you?" I almost screamed when I seen them in my bathroom. How did they even get in? I locked the door. "Well, I'm Nynise," says the tallest one. She has black, straight hair with purple highlights and black glittery lip gloss. She has on the same outfit that Effie reaped us in. Guess that's popular here. "I'm Loyice," says the shortest one. She is the only one that looks normal. She has blonde hair, with no makeup, and only looks 14. "And I'm Lyion," says the boy. He has his hair in a mo hawk and purple lip gloss. He has dark blue skin, and if he was in district 12, it would look like he was having a bad hair day and choking to death. "And we're your prep team!" says Nynise, quite excitedly. She sounds kind-of squeaky, like Effie. "Let's see what we're working with," Lyion says, snatching my towel. They all look at me, but Loyice is just focusing on my hair and face. "Okay, let's get started," says Nynise, after looking me over. They do just about everything that you can imagine to me. The pluck, wax, style, paint, and made me unrecognizable to myself. And, the worst part is the talking. They talk about everything, and I heard some things that I really didn't want to. Nynise sleeping with Finnick. Loyice meeting Snow. Lyion's wife. And, get this. Loyice is Lyion's daughter. Who could have guessed that? This is crazy. The capitol is sick. All of this is sick. And it is all making me sick. "Okay, time to look!" Nynise says in the same cheery voice. Capitol people these days. "So, how do you like so far," ask Lyion, while putting dabs of makeup on my face. I thought it was just for girls, but then again I don't know anything about fashion. "So far? You're not done yet!" I just about shout. This is torture. They should wait until they're done to show me! But, in the end, I say that it's nice. Loyice must know I am lying because she moves my hand and whispers in ear, "I don't blame you. I wish you guys didn't have to do the games. Lyion is my father, so he's making me do this. Good luck." I nod my head at her words, which makes the scar on my face show again, and I wince at the pain he brings when he touches it. "Be still, we only have 2 minutes left!" he says to me. I can't wait till there done. But, it doesn't take long until my real stylist, Portia, comes in. "That's quite enough," says Portia, walking in. Oh great, another girl to look at me. Too bad she wasn't a boy. "Good job guys, you're done for the day," she says to them. They leave with a nod of each of their heads. Now I'm wondering if they go to school here. "So, are you ready for lunch?'" Portia asks me. "Yeah, sure," I reply, actually not that hungry. I can't get used to eating too much. I bet if we went against capital kids, they would die of starvation without sponsors. "Are you okay?" asks Portia, looking exactly where my scar is. But, it's impossible that she sees it, I have a lot of makeup on to cover it. "Okay, let's go eat then, she says while leading me into a room. When she does this, I try to get a long glance. She has two piercings in each of her ears, tattoos, brown hair, and a lot of things the other capitol people have. I guess we have to eat together.
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