My Everything

What if Katniss didnt volunteer, but instead Rory did?


8. Chapter 8

Before we get off the train, Effie turns to us and says, “Don’t say thing.” I wonder what she means, well at least before we get out of the train. The moment I step out, there is a microphone shoved in my face. “What’s you strategy? Who was that girl that you volunteered for?” says the reporter all at once. I look at the other district’s tributes. District 11 girl looks terrified. District 1 and 2’s boys look pissed. I smile a little at Rue (district 11), but not enough for the camera’s to notice. She calms down a little, so I think I helped. I am so happy and proud of myself when we get into the building, because I didn’t shout at anyone, not even the people who tried very hard to kiss me.

“Where are we going?” asks Gabriella, “I’m tired of the cameras.” She finally said something that didn’t piss me off.

“We are going to floor 12,” says Haymitch, “but we have to get in with 11.”

“Doesn’t bother me,” I say before walking up to the elevator. I look at it amazingly, just like the girl and boy from 11.

“Well, get in!” says Effie. We all walk in, and their mentor pushes the buttons.

“Hi, I’m Rue” says the girl, “and this is Thresh.” She must be only 12. She is so small. On the other hand, the boy is big and tall. If I was his target, I’d be dead for sure. So, better be nice, even though it might not matter in the arena.

“I’m Rory,” I say.

“I’m Gabriella,” Gabriella says next to me. She was so quiet for once; I thought that she wasn’t here. I’m hoping Thresh doesn’t want to kill us, because I need to live. I made too many promises.

“Well this is our stop,” says their mentor.

“Bye,” says Rue and Thresh together. Then, they walk off.

“Possible allies,” says Haymitch, and I can’t lie; I am actually thinking about it.

“Did you see that girl?” says Gabriella, “I could knock her out in one punch!”

“No you can’t,” I say, “She’s almost my size!” “My point exactly,” she says walking off the elevator.

“You can’t knock me out in one punch, you’re almost my height,” I take a pause before adding, “and I’m taller!”

“I can knock you out any day!” she shouts while I’m walking to the couch.

“Yeah, I believe you,” I say. Then she attacks me while I’m sitting on the couch. I can’t believe she did that! She jumps on me, scratching me in the face. Lucky for me, I throw her off the couch before she reaches my eyes. I stand up with my foot on her stomach and say, “What the hell is wrong with you?” I want to slap her, but I know better. Before I can’t do anything to her, though, because Haymitch pulls me off.

“Have you seen my face?!” I yell at him, angry.                   

“That doesn’t give you the right to fight!” he shouts back in my face.

“So I am just supposed to act like a weakling and let the bitch get away with it!” I shout louder than he is. I look at her on the floor, rolling in pain.

“Doesn’t she look hurt enough?!”

“Hell no, she’s faking it just like the other dump merchant kids who mess with us! Don’t you understand?”

“That’s enough!” Effie shouts, in a squeaky voice, ending the conversation. I can tell that we threw her over the edge because she is drinking a bottle of red wine.

“Now go wait on your stylists!” she shouts again, picking Gabriella off the ground. And I take a look a Gabriella to see that she is limping, smile, and stomp off into my room. In the end, I decide to take a primrose shower.

All while I take the shower, I think about the games. What are the odds that I win? What are the odds that I lose? Who will be my biggest opponent? Well let’s start with Thresh. He is big and muscular, while I am tiny, but I can deliver a hard blow. Not hard enough to knock him out. Well, for someone to be so big, I could only hope that he is slow. I’m faster than Gale, and I hope he is slower than him, so he can’t even try to hit me. What about cornucopia strategies? Well, all I need to do is grab the first bag I see and run. Hopefully it has a weapon, and if it doesn’t , someone leaves one behind. Food strategies? Gale can hunt. Maybe I could be just as good at it. Or better. Save food. Find water. Get sponsors. It should be as easy as pie. Allies? Maybe, but they have to be reliable, I can’t turn my back and they try to attack me. Kill Gabriella? No, I couldn’t do it, and even if it was on accident, I would feel too bad and probably kill myself. Ally with her? Hell no, I just can’t take the chance. I will avenge her death though. The person who kills her, I have to kill,  especially if it’s a boy. Only because we are in the same district. Only because.

There is a mirror in the shower, and I can’t help from looking into it. There are 4 scratches starting from the bottom of my face to the spot under my eye. They are a fresh red color and you can see a little white meat. How can I look good now? I should be fine; we will be only wearing mining overalls again, right? I can only hope we look good enough to get sponsors, even if one of us only lasts a day (Gabriella). I have been in here for an hour; I should get out before someone worries about me.

When I grab my towel, the rack that it’s on feels weird, but I ignore that. It’s not until I get out the shower that I see the three weird looking people waiting for me to get out of the shower. I want to scream but I can only thank god for the towel.



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