My Everything

What if Katniss didnt volunteer, but instead Rory did?


6. Chapter 6

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?” I shout, but that makes them laugh harder.

“You know what, this is too far. Your extra short, petty rich kid ass wouldn’t be laughing if this were you this was you!” With that, I stump off to my room and slam my door. But, I still hear Gabriella shout,

“You will be the first person I kill in the area! I will even write a message with your blood to PRIMROSE EVERDEEN and tell her exactly how I killed you!” And that sets me off just enough to get the courage to say my next words,

“No you won’t, I’ll kill you in your sleep before I let you kill me,” but my next words are said weaker, “and I’ll laugh at your burial service!”

“Whatever,” she says to me. I know that she knows that I won’t laugh at that, but at least she’s scared that I will kill her in her sleep.

I am glad these aren’t my shoes. These are ‘combat boots’ from the capitol. I change into another pair.

When I walk out they are laughing again. Just to show how angry I am, I throw a knife at Haymitch.

“Nice try,” he says. I keep I close look out for him, because he still has the knife, and he might do something with it. And he does. He throws it at my head. I duck, by he just throws another one. So, I drop to the floor.

“If you have moves like that, I see no problem with you winning,” he says looking at me. Then, he turns to Gabriella and says, “What can you do?”

Before she can respond, Effie says, “Sorry to ruin your parade, but we need to eat and watch the recaps of the reapings,” Effie says and Gabriella sticks out her tongue at her.  We eat our dinner in peace and quiet. No one says a word. But, I keep an eye out on Haymitch because I know now that he lethal.

“I’m so happy you two have manners,” Effie says, breaking the silence, “The pair last year ate everything with their hands like a couple of wild animals. It completely ruined my appetite.” Every time I start to like her, she makes me hate her. The last two, (Cynthia and Jim) barely had anything to eat ever. And when they did, the last thing they wanted to worry about was table manners. This comment makes me especially mad because I am friends with Jim’s little brother, David.

Me and Gabriella know our table manners. Well, at least I do. If she doesn’t know, she has been winging it until now. She doesn’t even use her fingers. She just licks the plate, picking the food up with her tongue. This is making me sick so I look down as I finish my food. But, dinner isn’t over yet. We still have desert. Chocolate cake, caramel apples, cinnamon rolls, cheese buns, ice-cream, vanilla cupcakes, and nachos. I am so full I think I might throw up. Maybe I had too much. I had pizza, chicken, turkey, lamb stew, macaroni, hamburger, pasta, broccoli, salad, corn, ice-cream, nachos, and cupcakes. All foods that we rarely have in the seam. I can tell that Gabriella had too much too. After all, she is on the green side too. Haymitch and Effie look like what they had was nothing, and they could go for more.

“Okay, let’s watch the recaps of the reapings,” Effie says, getting up from her chair. We all follow in her lead, except for Haymitch who goes back to his room, probably to drink.

One at a time we watch the other reapings, the names being called, (volunteers stepping out, more often, not) and I try to remember one name from each district. District one’s girl is Glimmer, district’s two boy is Cato, district 3’s girl is Arianna, district’s 4’s boy is Morel, 5’s girl is Felicity, 6’s boy is Miguel, 7’s girl is Shei, 8’s boy is Philip, 9’s boy is Jason, 10’s girl is Misty, and 11’s girl is Rue. Rue is 12 with dark brown skin and eyes. She is so young, me and her the youngest out of everyone that I know that I can’t, and won’t kill her. Who am I kidding, I won’t kill any girl.

“That one,” Gabriella says pointing at Rue, “she will die before me. Bet.”

That pisses me off so much I have to say, “Nan, I think that she is stronger than you.”

“You know what loser; I hope you die in the worst way possible. And, if you do I will help the person who killed you. And, if they didn’t take their time I will kill them. I want you suffer nigga, suffer! Oh, and I will dance on you grave! I hope I am the one to kill you!” she shouts all at once.

“You know what, I’m done!” I shout, “Hope to see you die in the arena!” and with that I run off to my room. I don’t even bother to take off my clothes; I just jump into bed and fall off into deep sleep.

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