My Everything

What if Katniss didnt volunteer, but instead Rory did?


5. Chapter 5

Once we get settled onto the train, Effie sits us down at the table.

“Where is our mentor?” asks Gabriella, quite rudely.

“He’s already in his room,” replies Effie. You can tell by her face that she doesn’t want to say anymore.

“Probably drinking,” Gabriella replies, smirking.

“So, tell me about yourselves,” Effie says, trying to change the subject.

“Ladies first,” I say to Gabriella, trying to help, even though I really don’t like Effie.

“Hi my name is Gabriella Pickett. I come from a merchant family, but my mom is from the seam, I have 2 older siblings, one is 18 and the other is 25. My sister, who is 25, has a one year old son, who’s named Gabriel. My brother is a mine worker, so my family can have extra money, my favorite victor is Johanna Mason, and I plan to win. I will kill anyone and everyone in my way including you, twerp,” she finishes, “oh and I could be a career if I wanted to.”

“Tuh!” I reply. Oh, how funny, she thinks she could be a career. I could kill her right now in that spot if I wanted to! And she couldn’t do anything about it.

“You next,” Effie says before Gabriella can comment on what I had said.

“My name is Rory Hawthorn, I am twelve years old, I have 2 brothers, Vick and Gale, and 1 sister, Posy. I live with my mom, my dad died in a mining accident,” I say before getting cut off by Gabriella.

“Who was that girl you volunteered for?” she asks me.

“That was my friend, Primrose,” I say to her. Wow, I hate her for bringing her up. I want to cry now but I don’t want to show any signs of weakness.

“Too bad you’re dying in the arena,” she says to me.

“This turned,” Effie mumbles. “Would you like me to show you to your rooms?” she asks us.

“Yes, thanks,” I say, answering for both of us.

Once we get to my room, I let all of my thoughts swirl in my mind. Then, I start crying softly. I miss Prim and Posy so much. I wish there was no Hunger Games.

~That Evening~

I wake up later by someone knocking on my door.

“What,” I say, but not too loudly. They’re still knocking though. Guess they didn’t hear me.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I shout, so they can hear me.

“Dinner time, twerp,” Gabriella says.

“Okay,” I say, “and don’t call me twerp.”

“Watch your tone with me then,” she replies.

“When you stop calling me twerp, I will watch my tone with you! Oh, and you better not call me that again or in the arena I will slit your throat faster than you can say twerp!” I say, totally lying. I know that I wouldn’t slit her throat even if she was trying to slit mine.

“Whatever,” she says in an irritated voice, walking away. Maybe, just maybe she believes that I would slit her throat if I had to. Maybe she thinks that I don’t care about her or her family, that I would just kill her. I want her to know that I couldn’t, even if I wanted to, just because we come from the same district. 12. And I wouldn’t go home if I had slit her throat.

I stay lying down until I can’t hear her steps anymore. Then, I got to the bathroom and look at myself. I look a mess. So, I start fixing my hair. Then, just like my mother, I wipe my face so no one could tell that I was crying. So, I decide that I’m ready to go. As soon as I walk out of my door, I hear laughing. I wonder what’s making them laugh so hard. As I continue on I hear Gabriella’s voice.

“I wonder what’s taking twerp so long.” I make it in the room and next thing I know there is puke on my shoes.


Sorry for the wait! I was in a bit of trouble for sleeping in class. Opps!



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