My Everything

What if Katniss didnt volunteer, but instead Rory did?


2. Chapter 2


People look at me confused. Some people look at me sad, because they know what I mean. Yet, Katniss and Gale look at me angrily. I know they will give me a mouthful for this.

“Lovely, this is the first one in a long time,” Effie says, “well come up.” I walk onto the stage stiffly.

“What’s your name?” she asks me, looking for an expression on my face. Yet, I keep it blank for my life’s sake. I don’t want people to think I’m weak.

“Rory Hawthorn.”

“Well, I bet my buttons that was your girlfriend,” she says to me.

“Well, I guess you have to give me your buttons because that’s my best friend,” I snap back. The look of shock on her face made the people in the crowd that weren’t already laughing laugh.

“Well, I’ll get them to you before you go in the arena,” she replies in her bubbly voice, yet a little meaner. What kind of decent person would put it in my face that I have to go in the games? That makes everyone stop laughing, and that makes Prim and Posy start crying again. You can’t really tell that Posy is crying, because she is silent, but Prim is loud while she cries. I knew Posy was strong, but I know I will be holding both of them while I get to say my goodbyes, if I get to say my goodbyes.

“Wow, I like this one,” says Haymitch, the man who is suppose to mentor us, “he looks tough,” he says. Then he gets up and tries to hug me. But, before he can, he trips on the stage and blacks out. I almost sigh in relief, but then I remember that all of this will be viewed so that the other tributes can see. Instead, I keep my same strong posture.

“Wow, wow, wow, it has been an exciting day,” says Effie, in her regular bubbly, capitally voice, “but it is about to get more exciting! Let’s pick our female tribute!” She crosses to the ball that contains the girls’ names and grabs the first one her hand touches.

“Gabriella Pinneck.”

A short girl with her hair neatly done in a bun with blue highlights walks on stage. She looks like a seam kid but it doesn’t match up. Her hair with blue highlights, those are expensive, plus, I haven’t seen her around the seam. But, I think her and Gale had a thing a while back. Oh well.

“Hawthorn, Pinneck, shake hands!” Effie says, bringing me back into reality. We shake hands really quickly. If I am not mistaken, she is trying to break my hand, and she is succeeding. I quickly put my hand away. But, so quickly that it pulls her down. Some people, including Effie, laugh. I smirk to make myself look tough.

“Okay, get up Gabriella. It’s time for visits,” Effie says, trying to be professional.

“Get up Gabriella,” Gabriella says, mocking Effie, but she can’t hear her. Then, she gives me a look that makes me think she will kill me. I shudder inside.

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds ever be in your favor!” Effie shouts signally for all to clap. But, no one does. It’s dead silent.

Peacekeepers surround us as we walk to the Justice Building. As soon as we get to the rooms, I take a nice view of the room. It has thick, deep carpets and a velvet couch and chairs. You can see just about all of district 12 from here. Just this sight alone brings me to tears. Then, my first visitor comes in the room. Thank god it was only my mom. Now, tears are really flowing. So much for being strong. She says nothing she just comes over, hugs me, and walks me to the couch. I continue to cry softly on the shoulder until I get a grip of myself.

“Mom,” I say to her, trying not to cry again.

“Yes sweetie,” my mom says in a sweet tone. She actually thinks I am going to win.

“Don’t give up on yourself,” I say to her.

“I won’t son. As long as you don’t I won’t. You can win. I know you can,” my mother says.

“No I can’t,” I say, choking back tears.

“Yes you can my little darling,” she says and ruffles my hair.

“Times up!” the peacekeeper says to my mother.

“Bye darling,” my mother says. She quickly grabs a towel and wipes my face so no one could tell I was crying.

“Not a good bye mom, just see you later,” I say as the peacekeepers drag her out. I also shout, “Let her go,” but no one listens to me.

Next comes in Vick. He quickly sits down. Most of the talk between us is strictly business.

“So, how do you like being the second oldest so far,” I ask jokingly.

He catches it and responds,” Actually, not so good. It’s so hard and tiring.” Then, he fake yawns. I laugh lightly.

“Now, to get to business,” Vick says to me.

“Yes, I only need one thing from you,” I say to him.

“And that is?” he responds.

“Don’t let them watch,” I say to him. Yeah, that’s all I want.

“Who?” he asks me with a look.

“Prim and Posy,” I say back to him.

“Okay, I was expecting you to say mom, Katniss, Prim, and Posy. Cause I was going to say hell no. I can’t control them. But, it should be easy enough for just the two P’s.”

“Thanks,” I say.

“Times up!” the peacekeeper says again.

“All you have you do is win,” he says and walks out before the peacekeeper gets to him.

“I will try brother, for you and Prim and Posy and mom!” I shout, hoping he can hear me, but he probably can’t.

Next is Katniss.  To my surprise, she doesn’t start to yell at me. She looks remorseful. And I hate it.

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