Truth or Dare

Join the cast of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson,Frozen,and ever after high in a game of TRUTH or DARE!


1. Introduction

The cast of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson,Frozen, and ever after high all sat nervously in the attic of a big house. Then they heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Do you want the camera in a box or crate?" Yelled a girl in the doorway. "Box." Replied a girl at the bottom of the stairs. Girl#1 walked in with a camera and ignored everyone else. When she turned around she said  "Your early." Then she ran down the stairs. Girl#1 and girl#2 came up the stairs smiling. Girl#2 started speaking. "Welcome I'm Courtney and this" she gestured towards her friend "is Abby. Your gathered here today because we are going to play truth or dare." Everyone groaned. "No complaints or you go to the dungeon." Snapped Abby. She had straight dirty-blond hair and grey eyes. She wore a pink butterfly top, blue jeans, and black high tops.  "The readers will submit truths or dares for you guys so yeah." Said Courtney. She had bushy dirty-blond hair, blue eyes, and lots of freckles. She wore a 1Direction T-shirt with a pink and purple Polk-a-dot skirt and brown boots. And with that they left.

A/N: Please leave truth questions and dares in the comments below and enjoy!

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