The Spy

Jennifer Grey is a spy on one of her biggest missions yet. However whenever a spy from another organisation shows up at her rendezvous point to assassinate her everything changes.


3. The New Mission.

I clear my throat as we enter the room to make my presence known to Vincent. He looks up at us entering over his glasses and pushes back into his chair. 

"So you're alive then. And you brought..?" 

"Yes sir. This is a spy from another organisation. He killed our contact and was about to give me the same fate but ended up saving my life." I say. "I brought him in for questioning. His organisation is after the Stantons too so he might have some information that we could use." I quickly add. Vincent sighs loudly before standing up and walking across the room towards me and Louis. 

"What organisation is it you're apart of?" he asks Louis who remains silent. I jab my gun slightly into Louis' back and earn a slight gasp from him. "Unfortunately i'm not going to be as cooperative as you would all like me to be." he smirks. Vincent's hand crashing into Louis' cheek makes me jump and I look at him in confusion. "I can do alot worse than giving you a few slaps on the cheek so I suggest that you talk." he sneers and I feel the blood draining from my face. This wasn't supposed to happen.

"I'd rather die." Louis spits and an eerie laugh from Vincent echos around the room followed by silence. The only thing I hear is the low breaths we all take and the beats of my heart in my ears. 

"Vincent, don't you think-" 

"Shut up!" he shouts at me and I flinch. "You completely messed up your mission and then you bring this-" he waves his arms at Louis "uncooperative piece of shit to me expecting what? My praise? Your entire squad is missing presumed dead and you know that mistakes aren't tolerated." 

Chills run along my body at his words. Joseph is missing? "What do you mean presumed dead? Can't you track the van?!" I ask and he shakes his head grimly. "The van is at the location of the mission, those supposed to be inside the van aren't." he informs me. "Is there any assumed location? Any leads at all?" I beg to know more. "We have no location Jennifer! You know that! If we had their location don't you think we would have infiltrated them long ago?" he says and all hope of finding Joseph vanishes inside me. "Now, get him out of here. Take him downstairs." Vincent sighs and walks back to his desk. I nod expressionlessly and forcefully push Louis out of the office. 

I take him to the closest elevator, still pressing the gun firmly into his back. "Jennif-" "No. Shut up, I don't want to hear any of your bullshit." I hiss and he swallows hard. "I was going to say that I have a location that might be helpful. It may be outdated but it's something to go on. Your squad might not be there but someone who knows where they are might." he explains and my heart leaps. "Where?!" I shout, briefly removing the gun from his back and turning him around to look at me. Quickly I aim the gun at his heart. "Tell me everything. Now."   

"Its a warehouse on the outskirts of the city. My company has had it on our radar for quite some time now but we never actually went there to check it out so that's why it might not even be anything useful."

I begin fumbling with the buttons of the elevator, demanding it to stop and go up again. "What are you doing?" he inquires as I hit the ground floor button over and over again. "We're going down to the basement, we have to get to the ground floor if we want to get out of here. You're taking me to this warehouse right now." I answer and he looks at me like i'm insane. 

"You're kidding right? If this place turns out to be their actual base and us two show up, we're dead before we even get started." 

"Then we come armed and we put up the fight of our lives." 

"Oh and i'm supposed to risk my life for people on an enemy organisation out of the goodness of my heart? I've already gave you the information I know on the base, that's more than enough." he says and I stare at him, anger taking over.

"Listen here." I sneer pushing him up against the wall, jamming the gun to his throat. "You want these bastards dead just as much as I do so why don't you stop being such an ignorant dick and help me get my squad back whilst taking out alot of them in the process." 

"You're kinda hot when you're mad." 

I push the gun closer to his throat, not even breaking a smile. "When someones holding a gun to your throat, the last thing you want to do is piss them off." I state and a smirk plays on his lips. "Sorry. You're the boss." 

The elevator bings open and I slowly pull the gun away from him as two confused workers stare at us. I grab Louis' collar and pull him from the elevator. "We've got to make a quick pit stop before we leave the building." I tell him as I begin to walk through corridors pulling him along with me. 

"And what exactly is this pit stop?" he asks as I pull him into a room. I switch on the light and the weapons lining the walls come into view. "Ah. I see." he says, his eyes lighting up like a child on Christmas. "I do get a gun don't I?" 

"Do you really think I would bring you to a possible base unarmed? You're my only backup, of course i'm going to arm you." I say rolling my eyes at him as I begin to browse the walls. I stock up on bullets for the gun I already have and grab another gun loaded with tranquilizers, grabbing extra incase of any problems. I eye up Louis who is grabbing guns from the walls and examining them. He chooses one and pushes it into his belt. He removes a knife from his belt and moves it to a different position. I remember him using it when cutting the rope tied around him from jumping out of the window. 

"You were armed this entire time and you didn't fight me?" I speak up and he stares at me. "Well, I will admit I was close to stabbing that boss of yours when he slapped me but I wasn't planning on using it on you no." he says turning his back to me and looking at more weapons.  I find myself staring at the back of his head for a long time. 

"Are you ready?" he asks without turning to look at me however I feel myself blush and look at the floor. "Yeah, ready. Come on, follow me." I tell him and we leave the room. 

We exit my base through the door that we came through and get back into Louis' van. 

"Alright then, lets go." I say, trying to keep my voice as steady as possible. 

"You're sure you want to do this? You know that just the two of us will be no match for hundreds of them." he says trying to persuade me out of it. 

"Isn't this your job? You really shouldn't be so scared." I smirk and he shakes his head laughing. 

"Trust me, i'm not scared. Just not convinced on our safety, but you can be sure that i'll take as many of them bastards with me as I can." he says, all humor gone from his voice. "Well then" the engine fires up "lets get going then." He pulls out onto the road and begins to drive to the warehouse.   

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