The Spy

Jennifer Grey is a spy on one of her biggest missions yet. However whenever a spy from another organisation shows up at her rendezvous point to assassinate her everything changes.


1. Mission Fail.

"Can you hear me?"

I roll my eyes as the sound of my assistant Joseph's voice comes through my ear piece for what feels like the hundredth time. "Yes Joseph." I mumble. "Alright good. Now remember, if anything suspicious happens, you get yourself out of there straight away." he warns me and I agree with him, not wanting to start an argument giving my current situation.

I shuffle from foot to foot as I glance down at my watch. 20:23pm. He's late, I think to myself as I take a glance around the empty and abandoned car park expecting to see him emerge from the shadows at any given moment. I keep going over and over my mission in my head so that I avoid making any possible mistakes. 'Mistakes aren't tolerated' is what my head in command always makes an effort to tells us before every mission, and now I find his voice going round and round my head. Meet and engage with the contact at 20:20pm, gather in every possible bit of information and then get out of there as soon as possible with no commotion. "Already failed step one." I whisper to no one.

"Is he even going to show up?" I say into my mouth piece and await a response. "He will Jennifer. Remember, these guys are professionals, they'll be like ghosts on our system. But he won't risk not coming." Joseph replies. "We're supposed to be the professionals here Joseph! Do everything you can to see if he's shown up yet." I command and without further waiting he does.

I break my stance and lean against the closest wall and begin to check my gun to make sure everything is working correctly. A few minutes later, Joseph's voice is back in my ear. "We've got a sighting of a van parked in the field next to your location however there's no movement leading from the vehicle to the car park." he tells me and I smirk. Like a ghost. I push myself off the wall and begin to walk into the middle of the large space. I make no sound as I move into the center, i'm the perfect spy. This is what I've been trained to do my entire life.

A loud click that echos round the empty lot startles me but I know immediately what made the noise, I have been using them practically my entire life after all. I spin round and aim my gun at the figure who, as I suspected, is aiming his gun right at my head. "It's alright. I'm the one you're supposed to be meeting with. I'm here on behalf of-". I'm interrupted by him laughing. "Sorry love, but unfortunately your little spy friend won't be joining you tonight." he says and my stomach knots. "And who the fuck are you?" I ask him. Stay calm. Gather all information. "Don't think that'll matter." he smirks. My eyes widen as realization hits me. "You work for the Stantons don't you?" I ask, thrusting my gun closer to him, which earns me another laugh from him. Of course they'd find out they have a spy in their ranks and ambush me. "Quite the opposite actually. I'm part of a group that wants to take them down. We've gotten quite sick of the bullshit they keep pulling." Another group? I decide against asking questions, I can't have him shoot me. "Well if you think i'm part of their little scheme you're really mistaken since I seem to be here for the exact same purpose as you." I tell him but his gun doesn't even waver, and neither does mine. "Love, I really couldn't give a shit who you're working with or what your purpose is I just-" "No!" I shout and he jumps slightly at my tone but recovers quickly. "This-" I say and wave my gun to indicate myself and him "is ridiculous. However, you've really pissed me off. I come here to meet a contact, to gather information regarding that bullshit group and you fucking kill him which was the wrong move buddy. And unfortunately for you, i'm quite a strong believer in an eye for an eye and all that." After a short silence he finally speaks up. "Have you quite finished?".

My face hardens at his sarcastic remarks and lack of emotion. "Jennifer, get out. Jennifer! Do you hear me?! Get out Jennifer!" I suddenly become aware of Joseph screaming in my ear. "I can take him!" I shout back. A flash of confusion spreads across his face until he finally pieces together that I must have someone in my ear. "He's not the problem anymore Jennifer. Vans just pulled up, either our spy friend wasn't exactly playing by the rules or this guy has called for back up. Now, get out!". "What have you done?" I ask him and his eyes narrow. "I think you'll find i'm oblivious to whatever nonsense you're blabbing on about to your ear piece friend there." he says and I have no option to believe him. "Vans just pulled up, they're going to block us in here, we have to get out." I say and begin to back away from him, making sure to keep my gun aimed at him. "Only because I would take lots of pleasure in killing you myself, i'm going to offer you a way out here. It's up to you if you take it or leave it." He says and lowers his gun, bringing it to his side. He begins to walk towards a flight of stairs to my right which leads to the next floor of the car park. "Where are you going? You're going to get us trapped even further up there!" I shout. He dramatically waves his arms in the air. "We're about to get seriously outnumbered and you decide to shout your mouth off, you sure do pick your moments." he whispers harshly. "I have a way out up there, as I said before, take it or leave it." With that he disappears up the stairs. I look around myself at the still and empty car park. I quickly analyse all possible exits but all of them would leave me straight into the enemies grasp. Ignoring Joseph's shouts of protest in my ear I quickly dash up the stairs after the man who a few minutes before, was aiming a gun at my head.

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