The Spy

Jennifer Grey is a spy on one of her biggest missions yet. However whenever a spy from another organisation shows up at her rendezvous point to assassinate her everything changes.


5. Change Begins.

My eyes slowly open and I blink a few times in order to adjust to the light. I roll my head to the side and look towards the window. I silently curse at myself for not shutting the curtains before going to bed last night. I push myself up on the bed and my head throbs slightly, probably from yesterdays events. The room is lit up from the early morning sun and sitting here, in my own space, I seem to forget everything going on. But only for a minute. 

My eyes fall on the stacks of papers on the desk and I push the duvet cover off and make my way over to them. I brush my hand over them but one in particular catches my eye. 

The one with my name on it. 

I lift it up and begin examining it. There's a photo of me leaving my apartment building attached to the top left corner and I feel myself begin to feel nauseous. This is obviously the mission he was given to assassinate me yesterday at my rendezvous point. A small knock on the bedroom door startles me and I drop the document on the ground and jump slightly as the door opens and Louis' head pokes through. 

"I thought I heard you awake." He beams. His eyes move to the document at my feet and he bends down to pick it up. "So what are you looking a-" he stops abruptly as he takes in the pages' contents and his eyebrows furrow together in concentration. "I'm sorry" I squeak. "I didn't mean to go snooping." I add and nervously begin fidgeting with my hands. 

"No, no, it's fine. You deserve to know about it, after all, it was my mission on you." he says and walks over to the bed, taking a seat on the edge. I cautiously sit down next to him and stare at the page in his hands. "Funny how things turned out huh? There I am on your assassinate list and now here I am sitting on your bed in your apartment." I joke but he doesn't laugh. "Funny, yeah." he whispers. 

I stand up and snatch the paper from his hands. He looks up at me, confusion clear on his face. "Let's not look at this anymore, it's in the past alright? We're helping eachother now, right?" I say and throw the document across the room. He gives me a small smile and nod of agreement as he stands up. "Put on your clothes and then come out to the kitchen, i've made you some breakfast." he says and leaves the room without another word. 

I sigh when the door shuts but pick up my clothes from the night before and set them on the bed. I switch out of Louis' t-shirt and put on my clothes, which have a strong stench of blood that makes me want to be sick. I leave the bedroom and walk down the small hall to the bathroom where I stare at myself in the mirror. My makeup is now patchy and my mascara is smudged around my eyes. I grab a towel, wetting it in some water, and wipe fiercely at my face to remove it. I rummage round a cabinet under the sink and find mouthwash which will have to do me until I get home to my own toothbrush. I wash it round my mouth and spit it out into the sink before giving myself a final look in the mirror. My hair is knotted and messy and I look quite ill but I shrug it off and leave the room, making my way to the kitchen. 

Louis stands at a counter shoveling some pancakes onto a plate. He smiles at me when I walk in and I find my heart seems to leap slightly. "I hope you like pancakes, it was literally all I could find in my cupboards. Well you could have had cereal but it would have been without milk." he grins and I laugh. "Pancakes are great, thanks for all this." I say and he waves it off. "Hey, don't mention it. We're helping eachother now, right?" he says imitating what I had said only a few minutes before in the bedroom. When he looks down to concentrate on the pancakes I find myself smiling at him and take a seat on a chair along the counter. 

He places the plate down infront of me and grins "Bon appetit! Hopefully my cooking isn't too bad. I don't normally cook since I ain't usually home." He seems to regret the last part and swiftly walks to the fridge. "Do you want any tea or coffee? Juice?" he asks taking out a carton of milk, holding open the fridge as he waits for my answer. "Coffee please" I say, my mouthful of the pancakes. He shuts the fridge and begins to get out mugs and sets up the kettle. "Sugar? Milk?" he asks hard at work. "Dash of milk only." I tell him and he continues to work. 

A few minutes later he sets the steaming mug infront of me and takes a seat beside me with his coffee and an apple. "So remind me" I begin and he looks up at me over his mug "what's today's plan?". I place down my fork and turn on the chair to face him, my leg gently brushes off his in the process and I find myself flinch back at the contact. I'm grateful as he doesn't seem to notice and continues talking. "We're going to your apartment to get yourself sorted with whatever you gotta do and then heading to my HQ to sort everything out." he tells me. "I can't wait to get a shower." I groan at the thought of the hot water. I still felt like blood was covering my body even though it had only reached down my neck. "Do you want to get going then? You seem to be in quite the need of this shower." he jokes and I swat his arm. "Is that your way of telling me I stink?" He winks at me as he jumps off his seat and throws his apple core in the bin and sits his empty mug in the sink. I drink the last of my coffee and leave my mug beside his before walking to the front door where Louis is waiting for me. 

We leave his apartment building and get into his van that only after a day, holds quite a few memories for me. "I'll help you out with directions." I say as he pulls onto the road. "Actually, I already know where you live." he says quietly. Of course, he's been studying me for God knows how long. I turn and look out the window at the passing traffic, people and buildings all going about their normal days. 

"I'm quite nervous about meeting your boss today." I confess and he looks at me briefly before turning back to the road. "I already told you that I won't let anything happen to you, they won't lay a finger on you when we explain everything." he says, trying to relax me. "Yeah, I know, and I believe you but there's just something inside me screaming." He reaches a hand out to touch my leg but thinks better of it and pulls back. "Please don't worry, you have nothing to get so panicked about, honestly." 

I'm glad when we arrive at my apartment block forcing us to end our conversation. When we walk inside I hear Louis whistle. "Clearly you get paid more than I do." he laughs, looking around at the marble floors and fancy decor. When we enter the elevator he gives out a loud laugh. "You even have a sofa in here!" he says sprawling out on it. I hit level 3 and the elevator begins to move, alot less shaky than Louis'. 

The doors open and I walk out, Louis a few steps behind me. I walk to room 45 and bring out my key from my trouser pocket, slipping it into the door and opening it, holding it open for Louis to step inside. "This place is incredible" he comments as he leaps onto my long velvet sofa, making himself at home. "You can chill there and watch TV or whatever whilst I shower, I shouldn't be too long. If you get hungry or anything the kitchen is just through that door." I explain, pointing towards a large push door across the room. 

I go into my room, stripping off my clothes and throwing them across the bed before grabbing two towels, clean underwear and a bra and moving into my en suite. The hot water from the shower relaxes my tense muscles and refreshes me for the new day and I'm relieved to get the feeling of the blood removed from my body. 

Putting my hair up into a towel, drying myself off and putting on my clean underwear and bra I step back into my room and pick up my phone which is rested just where I left it on the bedside table before heading to my rendezvous point yesterday evening. There is over twenty missed calls alone from Vincent and a few texts from co-workers and my best friend Ellen, who isn't aware of my lifestyle. 

I open her text and read it out loud to myself. "Haven't seen you in forever. Where are you at these days? You've been MIA! Lets meet up. X" I tap the side of my phone trying to think of a reply before typing out "Sorry, work is dragging me down! Lets meet up for coffee tomorrow maybe? I'll let you know how things go. X" I hit send and put my phone back down, ignoring the rest of the texts and missed calls. 

I pull out an orange sweater and black skinny jeans from my wardrobe and put them on, then drying my hair and putting on some makeup, getting myself ready for the long day ahead. I grab my phone and keys before leaving the room and put them in leather jacket that I throw on. 

"Sorry if I took long." I tell Louis who looks away from the TV when I walk in. "Don't be, i've enjoyed living my life of luxury even if it was only for an hour or so." he grins, switching it off and standing up.

"Are you ready to leave or is there anything else you need to do?" he questions and I shake my head. "No i'm ready I think. I sigh and head towards the door, once again holding it open for him and locking it behind me. We leave the building and get into the van and Louis begins to drive to his HQ. 

My nerves keep me silent for the entire journey but I occasionally catch Louis staring at me, checking that i'm holding it together. When he parks up front we both exit the van and I follow him inside, staring only at Louis' back as we move through the building, scared of making eye contact with anyone else. The journey seems to go on forever, corridor after corridor we go down and I feel myself getting deeper and deeper into a maze that I won't be able to get out of if I get into trouble.

Finally we reach a door that Louis stops at and I almost go crashing into him at the abrupt halt. "We're here" he whispers. "Don't be scared." 

He turns away from me and opens the door, stepping inside and taking my hand to bringing me with him, but letting go once the door is closed behind us. There's alot of people in the room all hovering around one woman in particular who is in a well fitted suit jacket and navy pencil skirt, reaching just below her knee. Her blonde bob bounces as she looks up at Louis and I and the talking seems to die down as everyone begins to notice us. 

"Agent Tomlinson" she says greeting Louis and I notice him stand up a little straighter. "Madame. I brought someone I think you'd like to meet. She's called Jennifer, she's a spy for another organization on the same case as us and she has information that could help us. It's the spy I was sent to kill actually" he explains and I notice the woman squint at me. She walks towards us, her heels clicking on the tiles as she walks and she stops a few steps away from us.

"Did you have fun blowing up that base yesterday, Agent Tomlinson?"

Louis and I freeze and the tension in the room can be cut with a knife. "I can explain that. We were looking for her squad, they were taken hostage, you see and-" Louis was cut off by an 'ah' sound coming from the woman. "Your only mission yesterday was to kill this young woman, not to blow up an enemy base, and yet here she is and there the base isn't." she speaks coldly and by this stage my heart is in my throat and I can feel myself beginning to sweat. He told me this wasn't going to happen! 

"You've angered many people, Agent, and due to that eighty-three of our men were killed in the middle of the night in a little bombing of our own." 

My blood goes cold and I look up at Louis whos expression is hard and dark. "We've thought of a little exchange." the woman continues as she begins to walk around us. "Why don't we offer this young woman to the enemy as a nice peace offering" she states. "In exchange for what?" Louis dares ask but I already know and i'm sure he does too. "Your life. Don't ask me why i'm bargaining for your life after what you pulled but you are still one of mine and I won't let you just be killed so easily." she sighs and Louis' entire body seems to tense up. 

"Look, you can't do this alright? She has information for us and she isn't going to put up any fight giving it to us! She can help us!" he argues but the woman doesn't seem to even consider it. "Oh don't worry Agent Tomlinson, we will get the information, we just won't be letting her go freely." she smirks as she walks past me smugly. She nods her head in my direction at two large men and they grab my arms yanking me away from Louis who steps forward but is jerked back by another two men. "Stop, don't do this!" he screams but the woman continues to walk back to where she was stood before we entered. She turns her head to look at me and the men "take her to the cells for now." she says and they grunt in response, pulling me out the door. As I get dragged down the hall I can still hear Louis' screams and shouts of protest but they suddenly go silent.  

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