The Spy

Jennifer Grey is a spy on one of her biggest missions yet. However whenever a spy from another organisation shows up at her rendezvous point to assassinate her everything changes.


6. A Friend.

I stare blankly at the wall infront of me. I've completely lost track of time and have no idea how long i've been sat in this cold cell. My body aches from the force of being thrown around earlier. I keep hearing Louis' screams in my head and i'm unable to shake the image of him injured, or worse. 

You're such an idiot, I tell myself over and over. Why didn't I fight harder? What type of spy am I if I can't simply fend off two men in order to help a friend? I've been on plenty of other missions that required so much more from me and I was fine, but when it came down to saving Louis weakness took over. I wonder what they're doing to him. In their eyes he's now a traitor. How far would they really go? His screams and the abrupt silencing of them burn my ears more and more. 

I rub my hands over my face and up through my hair in attempt to calm myself down. The sound of a key unlocking the cell makes me look up hoping that Louis will walk in unharmed. I'm left disappointed as a man even taller than Louis walks inside. His hair is scraped back into a bun and i'm almost sure that the look on his face is one of concern and confusion. Of course I must be imagining this, he's probably here to dish out another punishment or torture me with what they've done to Louis. He steps towards me and I push myself back against the wall, scared of the possible outcomes.  

"You're a friend of Louis'?" 

I manage to look into his eyes as my head begins to reel and my stomach tightens. "Yeah why?" I ask and with that he strides over to me, placing his large hands on either side of me and pulls me to my feet. "Good enough for me." he says and begins to walk me towards the door. I push off him and he stares at me in annoyance. "Who are you? What's going on?" I demand and he sighs, nervously looking towards the door and back at me. "Look, I'm a friend of Louis'. I was in that room when everything kicked off and Louis' in trouble so we're going to go find him. You've got to trust me though, or this isn't going to work." he says impatiently. I stare from him to the door, trying to find something to say to him as he looks at me with wide eyes. My hearts racing and my minds spinning with possible reasons not to trust him. Is this all some sort of torture technique where they get my hopes up only to crush them when they tell me that Louis is dead? In the end I give in. Any hope is better than none. "Y-you still didn't tell me your name." I say matter-of-factly and he actually smirks. "I'm Harry. And if you wouldn't mind, i'd like to get the hell out of here before you get us caught." 



Without another word he slips out of the cell and into the corridor. I quickly follow, glad to finally be out of the confined space. 

"Do you know where he is?" I ask as I jog to get along side him. "My guess is that they're keeping him in a more fancy version of where you just were." Harry said, taking a sharp corner. Great, I think to myself, so he doesn't actually know. "And when you said he's in trouble back there, what kind of trouble did you mean?" I ask hesitantly. "After they took you out of the room they just started beating him over and over again." he whispers "I tried to stop them.I just wasn't strong enough and I was scared. How would I be able to take them all down? I'd end up getting us both beat up and locked away and then no one would have been able to break you out. He thought he was doing the right thing bringing you here. He thought you could help. I-" he brakes off as voices come into earshot. 

He throws himself against the closest wall, grabbing my arm and pulling me back with him. Part of me is grateful for the interruption. I felt like I was going to scream with every word Harry spoke. 

"Fuck. I should have known they'd have some security round the place." he whispers, placing his head against the wall and looking up at the ceiling. "Is there nothing else we can do?" I whisper back and he looks at me from the side of his eyes. 

"I'm thinking."

"Well, think faster because sooner or later they're going to realise i'm no longer in my cell and my guess is on sooner." I frantically look around myself, trying to find something that could possibly be used for a distraction but nothing available would come to much good. 

"You know what?" he says pushing himself off the wall to look at me properly. "I'm just going to go right up there and ask to see him. I'm his best friend. They can't refuse me." he nods, turning round and walking out from the protection of the wall. I almost scream at him in a moment of complete fury. Is he crazy? What if I get caught out here by myself?! I go as close as I can to the edge of the wall, craning to hear. 

"Is this Agent Tomlinson's room?" I hear Harry ask. I don't hear an answer but Harry begins to speak again. "I'm going in to see him." 

Everything goes silent and the fear of not knowing whats happening begins to drive me insane. I begin to slowly look out from around the wall. Harry is no where to be seen and one of the security is sitting reading while the other browses through his phone. I breathe out a sigh of relief as I process that this must mean Harry is inside safe. 

A few minutes pass and I begin to get anxious and impatient. What could be taking so long? I peer around the wall again, hoping to see Harry emerge from the room. Surely he's going to come out alone, he can't begin dragging Louis out behind him due to the security.  A beeping begins from where the security are and the one reading places down his book and takes out something that looks like a radio. As the man presses a button, a voice erupts from the speakers. 

"Prisoner from the cell blocks has escaped. Possibly armed and highly skilled. She'll be on the look for Agent Tomlinson so stay on guard." 

The voice stops and crackling begins. The man switches off the device placing it on a table. "Stupid bitch." the one on the phone laughs. "And this is all for that dickhead in there. Bitch is going to end up dead." the other replies. My fists clench at my sides and my blood begins to boil. "Never liked that kid. So young and yet he gets the biggest cases whilst we're stuck on guard duty? Fucking joke." the first one spits and earns a nod from his friend. "Maybe now that he's fucked up so bad he'll get kicked off. I'm sure he can run off with the stupid bitch running about here and live happily ever after, if she doesn't get shot first that is." They both laugh and I can feel a sense of anger and adrenaline kick in as I decide to do something probably extremely idiotic. 

I step out from around the wall, staring at the men head on. It takes them a few seconds to realise who I am and they both stand to attention immediately. Not giving them any time to call for back up or get equipped with a weapon, I run straight for them, knocking myself into one and crashing to the ground ontop of him. I begin to bring my fists down as hard as possible onto his face over and over again as the adrenaline cursing through my body wills me on.

Suddenly hands are around my waist and i'm lifted off the man and flung against a wall. I'm not given a chance to recover as I'm lifted up to my feet. He clasps his hand around my neck, squeezing. "Fucking bitch!" he spits in my face as he slams my head against the wall, still holding my neck. I kick out and manage to hit his shin. He winces in pain and loosens his grip on my neck enough for me to pull his hands off from around my neck. I push him away from me but he grabs my arms and hauls me against the wall, once again grabbing me by my neck and lifting me off my feet. I struggle for breath as I begin to squirm to get out of his grip.  My head begins to feel light and my vision begins to blur as he increases his grip. I try kicking at him again but my legs fail me and I can't muster up the energy to fight back.

I hear a sound like a door opening and I see a hand crash into the man's face and I'm dropped to the ground as he loses his grip on my neck. I gasp for air, my breaths sounding like wheezes. I'm slightly aware of what sounds like the thuds of punches but I can't bring myself to look. 

Everything goes silent for a few seconds then but suddenly a figure is knelt beside me and a hand is under my chin, tilting my head up. I look into Harry's concerned eyes and relief washes over my aching body.

"Shit are you alright? I'm so sorry, fuck, I shouldn't have left you alone. Louis' going to kill me." he gushes but I push his hand away, shaking my head in protest. I try to talk but I can't manage anything. All I want to know is how Louis is doing. I don't care about myself right now. 

I begin to push myself up off the ground using the wall. Harry finally understands what I want and helps me to my feet. He leads me into Louis' room. There's a large hospital curtain concealing majority of the room behind it and I immediately reach out without hesitation and throw it open.

Louis is lying on a bed thrashing around wildly. He catches a glimpse of me and sits up as far as he can staring at me with panicked eyes that have dark black and red circles around them. "Louis" I manage to croak out as I run to his side. I grab the bars at the side of his bed that act like a cage, stopping him from possibly rolling off the bed, to steady myself. The sight before me makes my legs feel numb and I want nothing more than to get into the bed next to him, to take the pain that's evident on his face away. 

Theres an oxygen mask around his mouth that muffles his words. I understand that he can't take it off as I take in the sight of the rope secured tightly around his wrists. I look at Harry in shock as he runs over and begins untying the rope. I lift the mask off Louis' face and take in his features fully. The skin above his eyebrow has been busted open. Although it has been stitched up, dried blood still covers majority of his face. His sad, blackened eyes make my heart ache. As Harry releases his first wrist his arm comes straight up and strokes my face. "I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry." He cries and I let out a gentle sob. My hand shakes as I grab his that rests on my cheek, squeezing it tightly, never wanting to let him go. "No no-" I begin coughing. My throats in agony from being strangled but all I want to do is comfort Louis. I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes but I urge myself not to cry. He's still alive, I repeat in my head. 

"We've got to get out of here right now." Harry says as he releases Louis' other hand. "How are you to walk?" he says asking both of us. "Fine fine." Louis says tearing his eyes away from me, much to my dismay. He begins to get himself out of the bed as Harry looks over at me for reassurance.I nod at him, not trusting myself to talk. 

"We've no time to get you changed or find you shoes Louis. We have to leave." Harry says running to the door and opening it for us. Louis grips my hand quickly and pulls me along with him. We begin running down corridors, not even stopping to make sure we are clear. I never question where they're taking me. I just want out. I can't stand being trapped inside this place any longer. We run and run for what seems like hours. I can hear Louis struggling through his pained breaths for air and I begin to panic that this is too much for him. 

We reach a door that leads into a car park eventually and Harry runs infront of us, bringing us to his car. Me and Louis jump into the backseats as soon as its unlocked and Harry starts the engine immediately. My hearts racing as I begin to make out the exit of the car park in front of us. Harry begins to speed up nearing the exit and I can feel Louis's grip tighten as we both suck in our breaths waiting for the impact that is sure to come. I shut my eyes tight as Harry crashes through the exit bar. It brakes off and flies over the top of the car and finally we are free. 

"Sorry about that!" Harry shouts back at us. "But we're out." he grins and relief washes over me in floods. 


We continue driving for a long while until we all agree that its safe to stop and actually discuss what to do next. 

"We can't go back to any of our places. They know where we all live so they'll come for us." Harry states. My heads thumping and I can barely think of a logical thought. I just want to shower and sleep. "Any bright ideas then?" Louis asks sadly. I look up at him and my heart leaps. His eyes look exhausted and sad and the life in them has dulled immensely. A sense of sadness and disappointment overwhelms me at not being able to look at his eyes for reassurance. The bruises on his face have gotten even darker since earlier and they seem to take the colour out of his face completely, leaving him looking pale and sickly. "No, but its getting dark and we can't sleep in here." Harry sighs. Suddenly it hits me. There was a place we could go. 

"I have somewhere." I mutter and they both look at me expectantly. "It won't exactly be an easy place to walk on into. The person doesn't know about" I say trailing off. They both nod, understanding. "I guess it's time to go tell them then." Harry says, not even bothering to question me on anything to do with this person. I sigh and lean back in my seat. I tell him a list of instructions and to drive before I change my mind.

How am I supposed to explain this to anyone? Why would anyone accept something like this into their home? All these years i've been lying about my life and to show up out of the blue with two guys, and one looking like they're at death's door, isn't how I wanted it to come out. It would be too much information for one person to handle. 

As we get closer and closer to her house my stomach begins to tighten and nausea kicks in. What do I say? What if she reacts badly?

Harry stops outside her house and we all get out of the car. I look over at Louis who is dressed in a hospital gown without any shoes. Blood covers his face. She'll freak out when she sees him. I notice Louis reach out his hand and I think he's going to rub my arm but he seems to think better of it and puts his arm to his side. I sigh and walk up the path to her house my heart in my throat. 

As I knock on the door I turn to Louis and Harry. "Remember this isn't going to be easy. She's going to be freaked out." I mutter. "Try not t-" I'm caught off by the door opening and I'm greeted by my best friend, Ellen. 


Her face drops as she takes in Louis and Harry. "What the hell is this?" She looks horrified as she notices the bruises and blood covering Louis' face. She looks at me for answers with wide eyes and an open mouth. 

"I can explain alright? Can we come in?" I beg. "They're not going to hurt you." I promise. She slowly opens the door for us and we step inside. I make my way to the living room with Louis and Harry following beside me and Ellen coming in behind. I turn around to face her and she looks at us in confusion and worry. We all stare at eachother in silence, all of us scared to make the first move. As I begin to confirm my fear that this will be too much for her she speaks up.

"I'll say it again. What the hell is this?" 

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