Alice Will Return

"Alice will return. Don't you fret now."
"But how do you know?"
"Because it's Alice. She won't abandon us."
Alice. Wonderland. The escape from the Asylum and return to Wonderland.


3. The Doctors And Nurses See Alice As No One Except A Patient

        Nurse Winters was obviously nervous, stepping into the staff room with gentle trepidation and the fearfulness that is only held by who has seen something terribly saddening. Nurses and Doctors were hard-faced, hard-edged, and quite frankly, hard to wear down with the things that had happened to them. Nurse Winters had caught the eye of Doctor M. Blaze, a man who'd never admit having a soft spot for such a woman in his line of work. Winters seemed rather troubled, so he swiftly strode over to ask if she was, indeed, quite alright.

"Winters-you are looking rather...Unwell. Please, take my seat."

 Winters gratefully accepted, unaware of the pointed stares she was being given. After Alice had fallen asleep from the injections, Winters had gone about cleaning up Alice's self inflicted wounds that would not stop bleeding. Winters had to use several layers of bandages and medicated creams to discontinue the flow of blood and-and the smell. It made her want to gag. The now dried blood had been transferred from Alice to Winters, and painted her skinny arms like tribal tattoos. Despite the age difference and obvious mental health, Alice reminded her of how fragile her young niece, Mary, was and how she managed to cope with her Daddy's wife. Winters hated her brother for that, the choice he had made in that dreadful woman. Thank the heavens that Janice had been locked up, Ian saw sense and divorced her and Mary could now live in peaceful harmony with her father.

        "Winters. Winters? Tea. Please, take it. You were in a whole world of your own for a moment and you look like you need it. Biscuit? No, of course not, you never have food in the workplace, do you? So, Alice. She's a bit of a handful, isn't she?" This caused a rather short debate between the staff on just how mad Alice really was. "You need to show her what it is like to be beneath someone, you're just too soft." Winters smiled unhappily, dreading the usual flood of question that was to come her way. She wanted to be home, tucked up with her cuddly St Bernard, drinking the right kind of tea, watching some cheesy B-film, while her boyfriend made the usual Friday night fish and chips in the kitchen.

        "Alice...She's deeply troubled by certain events in which we cannot even begin to fathom. She likes to keep to herself more often than not, and so I can't quite place my finger on what we are dealing with just yet, Doctor Blaze. Alice is not an ordinary, everyday object to be talked about. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a dog to walk, a boyfriend to reassure, and a home to get to. Goodbye." There was a sudden disquiet in the room as Winters collected her things and Blaze was left standing alone, feeling like a complete and utter fool.

        "Well. I fear that it is not Alice who has gone quite mad, but the person who looks after her!" Blaze exclaimed, not truly understanding the severity of how deep Alice's painful memories of that place really were.

Nobody did, only Alice and the ones who were witness to her traumatic experience. Even then, they did not know the full extent.

Even then.


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