Alice Will Return

"Alice will return. Don't you fret now."
"But how do you know?"
"Because it's Alice. She won't abandon us."
Alice. Wonderland. The escape from the Asylum and return to Wonderland.


2. Alice Is Mad Or So It Would Seem To The World Around Her

        "Alice? Alice, please, stop playing with those cards, you'll hurt yourself, dear..." The nurse looked on with timid concern. Never in her time at Issberry Asylum had she seen someone quite so sad as Alice. Alice was a young woman, pretty too, if she hadn't had that wild, deranged look on her face. Alice manically flicked the pile of cards in her slender fingers back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, like someone with a severe case of OCD. Rocking herself on the chair, Alice started to mutter under her breath. Nurse Winters had this unnerving feeling in the pit of her stomach that made her want  to take a curtsy and leave politely. "What was that, Alice dear? Speak up, sweetie."

        Alice incoherent mumbling grew louder and louder. "I want to go back I want to go back I want to go back please Wonderland take me back I don't like it here WonderlandWonderlandWonderland listen to me pleasepleaseplease god it hurts Rabbit Hatter Mouse TweedlesTweedlesTweedles RabbitMouseHatterTweedlesTweedlesTweedles tarts red queen queenofhearts no it's tarts isn't it GIVE ME BACK MY TARTS OFF WITH YOUR HEAD, OFFOFFOFFOFF HA HA HA...!" Nurse Winters, alarmed by Alice's sudden outburst, tried to calm her racing, galloping heart as Alice chucked the cards in the air and started to pound her fists against the white walls. Avoiding the gaze of Winters, Alice started to spout words and phrases about a land that sounded made up. Winters quickly exited and locked the room, entered the walk-in medicine cabinet, and collected Alice's sleeping injection. The young girl was even madder than before, sweeping the cards vertically down her arms and in the air, watching as the blood beaded and tricked down her arms. She screamed out as Nurse Winters approached her, needle hidden from Alice's vision.

        "Now, Alice, sweetie, please, calm down. You know what happens if you don't." This seemed to calm her down somewhat. She turned away from the nurse, sitting on the floor and clutching her knees like a terrified eight year old. Nurse Winters had to swallow at the smell of copper and the sight of thick red liquid oozing down her patients arms. Winters walked slowly toward Alice, needle pointed and glinted, ready for insertion of human skin. It felt too quick, too easy. In, out. Alice rocked forward once, twice, a third time, before finally settling on slumping to the left.

        "Oh, Alice. You poor soul. Please return to us the way you were before Wonderland happened."








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