Forbiddon love x

Hi it won't let me wright the book so I will write it here

Hi so my name is Kaycee irwin and I am 18 I have brown Curly hair and big brown eyes And I have a brother who looks a lot like me but he is 20 called drumroll places Ashton irwin I know I know I am amazing but it is not that grate lol I do get to tour with tham but this is who I meet Calum hood

Kaycee p.o.v

So I am finally seeing my big bro. Are mom and dad split up and I went with dad and Ashton went with mom so now I am going over to Australia to see him yay
My dad works away a lot of the time so I am usually home alone but I had my ex boyfriend Tom to keep my company but since that day he hit me and brused my stomach I broke up with him so this time I disided too move with my big bro and all his
Mates so now I have to try and fit in how bad can it be ?

Day one home

So I have just put my seat belt on and we all were told that we were starting are disent to Australia I started to feel butterfly's in my stomach I was so close to see my brother
One off the
Plane I see Ashton and I run up to him " asha I miss you " I said crying into his shirt " I missed you more than ever Kaycee " Ashton said

A/N sorry guys I haven't updated for a long time but with New Year and everything I have not had the time love ya xx

Calum's p.o.v

So we are waiting for Kaycee I haven't seen her in ages I bet she is beautiful what am I thinking she is Ashton's little sister I can't go out with her that will be bad

" cal what are you thinking about ? " Luke asked knocking me out of my thoughts " oh um .. Nothing just things " I said jut as I said that kaycee came through the door " hi guys " kaycee said. Omg she is so hot she has growing up


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