what it means to be a night owl

never been a morning person


1. what it means to be a night owl


to dream in darkness with my eyes open

cocktails of dim clouds paint 
skies, your heartbeats will
silently softly slip out
of timeline skin and drip, glisten on
blank pieces of denim parchment 
those glowing ruby gems.
pages of lyrics lie on your desk you
won't remember them in the

a little grin dances upon chilled lips,
against a landscape of owl feathers and
alleyway cat eyes that pulse like
streetlight simmers in a thread-piece of
skyscraper outlines and silver dustbins.

clockworks are clicking somehow and the
moonlight haze tastes husky;
dark rich chocolate on my tongue.
ghosts swim through the carpet steprace
staircase leading up to my room
(I think the ghosts might be dreaming about me)

oh poor jaguar did you escape my
mind? it's hard to tell when you open your
eyes and it's the same piano guise-
but your coat it glints so gold in the
sharp sheen of moonlight like
cinnamon flames of red candle shores.

so now, oh beautiful beast, you sleep at
the foot of my bed guarded by the silken
stroke of cushion velvets and saffron
sequinned pillows.

and when the sun is seeped into pastel skies,
we will awake and i'll find graffiti 
forests on my wall and the ink carving
streams down my windowpane like train-
tracks carve journeys. i'll rub the fairy dust
from damn tired eyes and find the chalk
sketch of a jaguar at the foot
of my

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