5 Seconds of Stardom

Hadley has been dreaming of getting her tickets for the 5sos concert. Her dream came true! She goes to the concert and plenty of drama and excitement occurs. To know that drama and excitement you have to find it out yourself by reading it;) Enjoy 5 Seconds of Stardom


4. Trip To Sydney

It has been two days since the concert and me and Luke have been bestfriends already! We have been texting each other back and forth and he has been updating me on how the tour is, but one thing I have to say is that they are very busy! We only get to text each other when he is free which is probably only at night. I have been staying up till two every night because there is a time change everywhere he goes. We have been texting for three hours and it's already three. So I said goodnight to him and he texted me the most sweet message, and he asked me if I can travel to Sydney to meet him again. It would be all paid by his family. So I told him I would get back to him on the whole situation. I asked my parents and they said yes! My mom and me would be going to the airport in three hours!


We finally got to the airport and we have to take a limousine to Sydney. I walk to a store and buy a thing of gum as soon as I see a Seventeen Magazine with me and 5sos on the front cover. I walked back to my mom in the front of the airport and she told me that we have to be careful because there is paparazzi outside waiting for me. I walk outside and there they are! I rush to get to my limo and I see Luke inside. He told me that we are taking a tour around Sydney! We took the tour and there were so many gorgeous things that were in Sydney! We finally got to his house and I met his parents they were so nice! It was around five and he took me to a very romantic restaurant and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes! He drove me to the suite I was staying at and asked if I wanted to hangout with him tomorrow in Spain. We texted each other as soon as we both got home.

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