5 Seconds of Stardom

Hadley has been dreaming of getting her tickets for the 5sos concert. Her dream came true! She goes to the concert and plenty of drama and excitement occurs. To know that drama and excitement you have to find it out yourself by reading it;) Enjoy 5 Seconds of Stardom


2. The Concert

It was finally the day for the concert! I dressed up in a 5sos tee, ripped shorts, and a pair of white converse. I put my hair in a messy bun. I called my friend up to come over before the concert so we can eat and get ready together.


It's finally time to go to the concert. The drive is about an hour away. Okay we are at the arena. My mom drops us off at the front doors. We will be staying at a hotel close to the arena. My friend and I finally got inside and we have our tickets and our purses with everything we need in it. We have to go through security so the people can check our purses and tickets. We finally are at the concessions and we grab ourselves some dip and dots. After we ate the dip and dots we finally got close to our seats as soon as a woman came up to us and wanted to know if we wanted VIP seating. So of course we said yes! We got to see them early and watch them do soundcheck and we got to ask them questions and stuff. We were so close to the stage! It was finally 7:15pm and the concert started at 7:30pm so we had 15 minutes.


The show is about to start! We hear a voice saying "Are you ready for 5 seconds of summer?!" The whole arena went ballistic! Then we saw Ashton run on stage then Michael and then Calum and Luke! They started off the concert with End Up Here. (which is one of my favorites) They sang all of their songs and ended with What I Like About You. I started balling because Luke glanced at me. What a whimp I was. The concert finally ended and we waited outside till everyone was done exiting. Then my heart stopped. I saw four guys come out of the back door. They were 5 Seconds of Summer! I was about to faint! Is this a dream? But then I thought to myself "Act Cool." My friend ran up to them and asked if we could get a picture with them. Ashton said "of course! we would love a picture with you two!" So I stood next to Ashton and Luke and my friend stood next to Calum and Michael. We took the picture and then Luke pulled me aside and said to me "I know I am not supposed to be doing this but can I have your number?" I was trying to act cool but a part of me wanted to just jump up and down and act like a four year old! So I gave him my number and he gave me his but he said I wasn't able to give it to anyone. He was being very serious. So I kept my promise and I didn't show anyone. Luke and I walked back and we said goodbye. I got to the hotel and my phone rang! He asked me if I wanted to meet him at the after party in Chicago. Of course my mom hemmed and hawed. She didn't like the idea of me hanging out with a celebrity. I mean what could happen?

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