5 Seconds of Stardom

Hadley has been dreaming of getting her tickets for the 5sos concert. Her dream came true! She goes to the concert and plenty of drama and excitement occurs. To know that drama and excitement you have to find it out yourself by reading it;) Enjoy 5 Seconds of Stardom


1. The Big News

It was my birthday. I really wanted some 5sos tickets for their Rock Your Socks Out Tour. I woke up and I heard some kind of buzzing sound. Oh I must've forgot about turning off my alarm. I went outside in the living room, and as always there always has to be balloons outside and streamers and the whole package. My parents and my brother and sister were sitting on the couch singing to me. I really wanted to open my presents, so I did! I didn't have that much presents probably because I got something that cost a lot of money! I opened the first present, a new phone yayy.. then the second present clothes yayy.. and then a couple more just giftcards and clothes galore. Now it is time to open my final present! It was in a UPS package. I unseal the top, open it, and I see two tickets for the 5sos concert! I was going to pee in my pants! I was so excited! I hugged my parents and called up my friend so I can ask her if she wants to go with me. She said yes! Middle section, fifth row! 5 Seconds of Summer here we come!

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