5 Seconds of Stardom

Hadley has been dreaming of getting her tickets for the 5sos concert. Her dream came true! She goes to the concert and plenty of drama and excitement occurs. To know that drama and excitement you have to find it out yourself by reading it;) Enjoy 5 Seconds of Stardom


5. 5 Seconds of Stardom


I hear fans yelling. It is time to go to my after party in Chicago. I finally get to the resteraunt and walk out of the limo and pose for a couple photos. I walk into the doors of the restaurant. As soon as I walk in I see four guys. Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford. They all give me a group hug. We all walk to the back of the restaurant and order a couple things and chat. They told me how the tour is going to be and they told me how each country and state is. Michael told me how the food is. We all made up a song together and they told me to make my dreams come true, and I did.

5 Seconds of Stardom

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