Kayla (Luke Hemmings A.U)

My shaky fingers opened the folder. The title, DISCLOSURE STATEMENT, glared at me in all caps. Exactly what Valerie had told me to look for. And there, at the bottom was what she wanted me to find.

Death by unnatural causes.

I was living in a murder house
Jade loves the new house she just moved into, she doesn't even mind being the new girl at school. She takes it as a fresh start, and theres that one guy with dreamy blue eyes...

But everything is not what it seems

When Jade discovers a dark secret about her dream house everything goes downhill.

Will she be able to deal with it?
Will she ignore it?
Will she fix it to save Carter?
What will happen? Find out in Kayla// a Luke Hemmings A.U


1. Diary Entry:#1

***From the Diary of***
******Kayla King******

In not stupid. I know half of them only worship me because they fear me.

With popularity comes power and I could crush any of them with a simple text blast. Any day, at any moment, at my whim, I can change lives for the worse.

I see it, sometimes. In their too-eager compliments. Forced laughs. A smile that ends a moment too soon to be genuine. It's not love, it's fear.

I'd worry about retribution for the things I've done, but really, lets be honest. I'm at the top of the food chain. I'm untouchable

What could any of them do to me?

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