Kayla (Luke Hemmings A.U)

My shaky fingers opened the folder. The title, DISCLOSURE STATEMENT, glared at me in all caps. Exactly what Valerie had told me to look for. And there, at the bottom was what she wanted me to find.

Death by unnatural causes.

I was living in a murder house
Jade loves the new house she just moved into, she doesn't even mind being the new girl at school. She takes it as a fresh start, and theres that one guy with dreamy blue eyes...

But everything is not what it seems

When Jade discovers a dark secret about her dream house everything goes downhill.

Will she be able to deal with it?
Will she ignore it?
Will she fix it to save Carter?
What will happen? Find out in Kayla// a Luke Hemmings A.U


3. Chapter #2

I sat next to Cal in the main office. I watched out the window into a hallway filled with teenagers. Teenagers that have probably known each other since pre-K, and here I come only knowing my brother and him only knowing me. I gave Cal a nervous smile, which he returned. "Okay your new-comers buddy is coming" the secretary smiled at us. "Okay thank you".

A few minutes later the door opened and a guy walked in. His arms dropped to his sides, slightly slouched posture, but he looked to be around six feet. The aura around him seemed sad. Sandy blond hair styled upwards in some sort of quiff. He mumbled something to the secretary, she paused and pointed at me. He slowly walked over to me hands in his pockets. "Im your news-comer buddy" he said apparently to my shoes. I took a moment to take in his appearance. He was pale and his face was adorned with a set of soft looking lips. Dressed in a pair of dark black skinny jeans, a black plaid tee, toped with a leather jacket. He was very attractive. "Hello, Im Jade, newbie". Really Jade?! How great stating the obvious. I reached to touch my pedant, the name I can't remember but it's meaning was to help with nervousness and promote a better vocabulary or speaking skills. "Well you probably know my name already, anyways" I let out a giggle. Great now I was giggle girl. Kill. Me. Now

I was so nervous, I wasn't really around guys much, specially extremely attractive ones. On my previous school there was only fourteen senior guys. And now take out my brother and my two cousins, only like twelve. I'd gone on a date last year. We'd gone for some dinner a movie, we kissed and when he tried something more, I turned him down he told everyone my breath stunk and you can imagine how the rest was.

He looked at me and smiled. His eyes were an inhuman shade of blue. The shade seemed so unreal as if you could easily get lost in a beautiful sea, simply by looking at his orbs.

The door opened again and a beautiful light brown haired girl strolled in. Her hair was down in a series of fluffy curls. Wearing a hoodie black and red, probably school colors, and a pitch black pair of skinny jeans with light colored flats. "Umm Calum Hood's news-comer buddy?" her voice was confident, but her face showed the polar opposite of that. "I'm here" Cal said. She smiled at Cal "great shall we go?, theres a ton of things for you to know". Yeah" he breathed grabbing his backpack. "See yah, sis" he embraced me in a hug and whispered a quick good luck before heading out, then flashing a thumbs up through the window. The girl flashed me a smile then closed the door.

"Well shall we go, too?" The boy in front of me smiled. "Yeah" I grabbed my backpack.

"So, I assume you're new to this city according to your accent" he looked at me as we we're heading towards the door. "Yeah, just moved to Silver Road" he froze, his muscles tensed and his physiognomy dropped. "What house on Silver Road exactly?" "Umm number 307". He ran a hand through his hair in exasperation. "I can't do this. I'm really sorry" he opened the door and before I could say something he walked out. Leaving me speechless, and in a sudden shock. I looked at the secretary who looked at the door in the same expression I had a second ago. "Take a seat sweetie, I'll take care of it" she gave me a smile, which I returned. Lots of smiles today. I sat in the same chair and pulled out my phone. The blink of the case shining as the dimmed lights shone over it.

A few minutes after texting my dad, the door opened and a another guy came in, but he didn't stop to talk to the secretary. "Hey, I'm your news-comer buddy since now you're Luke's assignment" he smiled, showing a pair of dimples that could probably be swim in. So Luke was his name. He had light brown curly hair adorned with a red bandana. "Oh, by the way I'm Ashton, Ashton Irwin" he pulled his hand out for me to shake. "I'm Jade, Jade Hood?" He frowned "you sure, you don't sound sound so convinced". "Well... Uh yes-" he smiled again "Im just kidding, shall we go?" "Sure". We walked out and he asked for my schedule.I handed it to him.  “Well it looks like we have the same first period and third period music break” I looked at it also I had advanced calculus. My grades back home- realization hit me like a ton of bricks and as much as I hated to admit it Gwen was right this is home. Well anyways my grades were really good I was top 3 in my class, and apparently they were good enough to get AP calculus. “Don’t you want to scribble the room numbers somewhere?” I asked as he started walking to my apparently music break.

 “Of course not I memorized them, come on lets go” he motioned with his hand. After breathing out a brief okay I followed Ashton. After like three minutes of walking, Ashton showing me where the restrooms where, cafeteria and, library we got to a black door. “It will be really hard to get lost finding this class, since is the only black door in the whole school.”

“All right then let’s go”.  He opened the door to reveal a huge space with some booths, a dance floor, instruments and everything you’d need for well music. “Tadda!” he exclaimed. As we were walking by he was telling me what where kinds of music each group was into the groups. My eyes drifted to the back booth where a lonely blond haired boy strumming a guitar.

 “Hey sis you have this class too?” I turned around it was Calum was standing a bass in his hands with the girl from earlier. “Well you see me here” I smiled walking towards them followed by Ashton. It always mesmerized me Cal’s confidence, like he barley met these people and he’s already playing music on a bass, chatting like they were long lost friends, and shouting like he always does with me around the house.

“Well now we have the Hood twins, come met some people” I looked at Ashton who nodded. “I’ll be at my drum set, if you need me” I smiled at him before he turned on his heel and walked away. “Okay so this is Michael” he pointed to a pale boy with red dyed hair, who waved shyly and beamed a smile. I got to say he was really hot, just saying. “And his sister, Michelle” he pointed to the girl from earlier, she waved at me and smiled, I did the same.

“So girl Calum, are you sitting with us in lunch?” I didn’t realize my mind had gone back to Luke till Michael waved a hand in my face. I blinked twice “oh umm… yeah… I kind of have to sit with Ashton… since he’s my news-comers buddy”. He let out a chuckle “he’s our friend therefor he sits with us too”.

“Oh then I guess why not” I looked at Ashton who was drumming away, but again my eyes drifted to a sandy blond boy who was now staring at me, the look in his turquoise eyes out of curiosity and something else I couldn’t point out. And it came to me that in those beautiful sad eyes was a, well sad boy, not a jerk that had decided to ditch a new girl just because he wanted to.


“Wait I need to go pee” said Ashton coming to a sudden stop in the middle of a now empty hallway. “Well go pee” I laughed a bit. “Okay wait here. Don’t. Move.” He place his hands on my shoulders, then ran off into the guys’ restroom.

I turned around to the feeling of a tap on my shoulder. A girl probably three inches shorter than me stood there she had a little bit too much make up, and she smelled like Bath & Body Work’s had exploded on her. Like she looked pretty but in a ‘trying too hard way’ 

“Are you Jade Hood?” she asked. A group of girls, which looked like her in some way, were whispering something. Her group probably. “Yes” I looked at her.                                                                                                                                    

“Do you live in Silver Road 307?” she skipped introducing herself. Rude.  “Umm yes” she gasped and turned on her heal and walked away towards her group of friends. 

I could make out a few things of their conversation. “…dead…” “…stairs…” "...her house..." “…Kayla King…” The restroom door opened and Ash walked out “let’s go”.

I shrugged off the fruity girl incident and fallowed Ash to the cafeteria for lunch.

 I grabbed a slice of pizza and sat down next to Calum and Michael. “Oh, girl Calum has good taste on food!” Michael exclaimed.  “Yeah I guess you could say that” he smiled to me in a flirtatious way, I smiled back at him. But in my mind it still bothered me the fact that Carter had mentioned a see-through girl in his room. Carter never lied and had never had imaginary friends. And the fact that fruity girl mentioned Kayla King dead and stairs in the same sentence referring to my house also bugged me. It all left me with a ton of questions.

Could there be a ghost in my house?

WAS there a ghost in my house?

Those two questions seemed remotely impossible. My mom had died and she wasn’t a ghost.

But I still asked my self

Who’s Kayla King? And why is fruity girl so shooken up about my address?

What was going on? I needed answers and I was going to get answers.


Hey guys hope you enjoyed the first two chapters of Kayla

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