Fashion Police

A snobby thirteen year old fashion police plans to travel the country helping kids and teens access new styles and fashions trends before she turns sixteen, and for her fourteenth birthday her parents take her from Texas to California to do her duty, only to realize the true meaning of a dollar.


2. Prologue

The first week of July in San Antonio moved slowly like a snail, while the warmth of the busy Texas city began to rise slowly and powerfully. The large ferris wheel spun, and stopped for guests to pile on, as the young city folks gathered around the traditional carnival held every summer in San Antonio. As soon as the mint green curtains owned by Jenna Henry opened above the fair of an average village home, the patience of the well dressed, social girl ran down farther than the eraser on a pencil. The youthful lady looked at her father with a dark look, conveying him to her thoughts, letting him know the struggle going on in her mind. Before an outburst broke, Mr. Micheal Henry took the lad to the fair, to enjoy whatever goes on in a spoiled thirteen year old's mind. Mrs. Makayla Henry, packing her bags and waving goodbye, hopped in her red Mustang, heading towards the fair from a long day of work. Mrs. Henry looked around the park, in search of her child and friend Aubrey on the twist-o-blaster, as she was told they were on through via text message. As the ride slowed down, the passengers grasped the sides of the exit, before releasing their lunch on to the dirt. Makayla giggled in delight of the sight of her child, and drove towards the ride. Jenna and Aubrey noticed her moms blasting car music from the park,over high levels of screaming children and playful music. They both opened the door and were both sat down by the vibration of the bass. Mr.Henry then left the park with a smile, while the girls headed to Aubrey's house to drop her off to her father, and step mom. Giggles and digital noises blasted through out the car, as the very up-to-date teens shared secrets and thoughts for the future, as suddenly they stopped, and the last sound heard was a goodbye, and a car door shutting, along with the digital sounds continuing. Minutes later the Henry family was reunited at the dinner table at home, to eat their fresh lobster prepared by Mr. Henry, while Jenna jumped excitedly in her chair, waiting impatiently.
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