Fashion Police

A snobby thirteen year old fashion police plans to travel the country helping kids and teens access new styles and fashions trends before she turns sixteen, and for her fourteenth birthday her parents take her from Texas to California to do her duty, only to realize the true meaning of a dollar.


3. Chapter 1

As the chair rebounded in her dinner chair the dark hard wood floors, the parents of Jenna Henry massaged their heads, trying to relive their tender headaches. "Mom, Dad, I need to talk to you about something important." Jenna said loudly over the shrieking sounds of the chair rubbing against the floor. Mr and Mrs.Henry look at each other with an angered look, but quickly regain a well balanced face, knowing Jenna's short temper, and long tantrums. "Yes sweetheart?" Mrs.Henry says with a struggle. The young soul, takes her eyes from her shaky hands and then looks up at her curious parents. " My birthday is coming up soon, and I really want to do something for my birthday, her voice then gets stuttered from how fast she was now talking, and I know, she preaches deeply, that you two will help me do this certain thing, because you are the best parents ever, right? Mr and Mrs. Henry then look at each other, with uncertain face but are quickly interrupted by their daughters loud roar, Right!? she adds. Her parents bodies begin to shrivel with fright as to what might happen next. "Well uh, where is this, Mrs.Henry suddenly swallows loudly, place that you are wanting to go, dear?" she asks nervously. Jenna then looks back at her twitching hands, and then gives a sideways grin that scares her parents to where they start to break out into sweat. She then looks up at, with the same grin as before, "Everywhere. She then explains, I want to travel the country, Aubrey and I were on Instagram a while back, and I saw this picture and there is this..this new style in California..that's so hideous that, she then gasps for air, then said, just trust me!" Her parents then look at her disgusted face, questioning her reason to travel. " I wan't to travel so I can help those children, and their hideous style." Her father then scratches his head. "Well, Jenna, Sweet Heart, Darling, Get to the point Dad, Jenna then interrupts, what would you do if, you know, you didn't go on this trip." Jenna's eyes widen quickly, and she freezes in a very angered position. Her father then backs up a bit. " What do you mean, if I don't go, I AM going aren't I?" Jenna shouts angrily. Mr.Henry the scratches the back of his neck, and looks at Makayla, as she shakes her head quickly,"uh...yes dear, you're going." Jenna then smiles and skips to her room, and gives both of her parents a peck on the cheek, saying "Thank you Mommy, thank you Daddy." in an innocent tone, while Makayla and Micheal give a fake smile, and wipe sweat from their heads and she skips along.

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