The Colours of Christmas

This is a poem I wrote for our Church Christmas Eve Crib Service. We pick a theme each year and this year it was colours.


1. The Colours of Christmas

 The Colours of Christmas


Brown for the wood of the stable bare.
No room at the Inn, so they took shelter there.

Yellow for the colour of the soft warm hay.
Placed in the manger where Jesus lay.

Grey for the Donkey that carried its precious load
All the way to Bethlehem on a long dusty road.

Blue for the shawl that covers Mary's head.
As she gently lays Jesus in his Manger bed.

Green for Joseph so calm and so strong
As he leads the way on that journey so long.

Black for the Shepherds that dark, starry night.
With joy and with love they welcome Angel light.

White for the Angels, heralding the way.
Unto you a Child is Born in Bethlehem this day

Silver for the star that guides us all
And Gold for God's light in that lowly cattle stall.

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