His Eyes.

Look at me" he said
But I would rather breathe him in
For I am afraid
His two pools of endless black
Will surely be my undoing.


4. Chapter 2; Addicted.

Emma's POV.

I went inside the big gates then to the left, then to the front, then to the right. And there i saw them.

Lie beneath side by side .

God why did u do this to me! why!WHY!WHY!!!. Its all my fault is'nt it? why did i send them on the ffirst place?I hate myself! I hate myself! I FUCKING JUST HATE MYSELF! I did this to them its alll my fault!. I was sobbing hysertically . I cant help but remember that night. i cant help but get flashes of that night again and again.


24 June.

Its mom and dad's anniversary i'm soo happy! yyyyaaaayyy!!!! . the are gonna complete their silver jubliee!anyways they were fighting and forgot there anniversary so i send them where they first met ;the abandon park.So they can remember what day is today. I was decorating the house but suddenly i phone rang.. I picked it up "hello?" "am i speaking to miss emma dawson?" "yes?" "i'm calling you from forks public hospital, its an emmergency can you come here now?" she said with sadness and worry "uh.. yeah may i ask what happened?" "your parents faced an accident " i dropped my my phone and went to hospital as fast as i can .


I went to the main office and asked the lady "where are the rooms of Anna and Peter dawson?" "we don't give information to strangers sweety, may i know who are you" "i'm there daughter emma dawson now please can i have there room numbers?" i tried to stay calm "they are in room 318 and 319 on the third floor" she said. I ran as fast as i can to the elevator and pressed the third button it opened and i ran 314..315...316..317.. yes there it is 318! i opened the door but there was opperation going on i steped ahead "mam please stay outside opperation is going on" "what!no! shes my mum i wont leave her!" "please mam fr a little while stay outside " "uh..okay" i sobbed  i was waiting outside both of there opperations were going on "are u the daughter of Peter and Anna dawson?" "yeah? can i see them?" i asked i hoped everything was okay "sorry sweety but they couldnt make it." he said with sadness in his voice i cried hysertically my voice bearly making any sound i asked "dad too?" "i'm sorry darling but yes he too" and i died i died right at that moment i didnt know what was happening anymore my mom..my dad.. they were gone the ones who loved me were gone i cried and cried and realized i was all alone now "are u eighteen or we have to call the foster home?" "i'm eighteen." "mind if i see you birth record darling?" "i'll bring it its here in this hospital "okay i will wait here" he said calmy.I ran to the record office and told the lady my name , she gave me my records and i gave them to the doctor afterwards "7 march 1996. good your eighteen" "doc can i ask you a question?" "do u mind if i want a proper ceremony at the cementery for them?" "no you can surely have a ceremony"  "thank you doctor" "we can have a ceremony at tomorrow" "okay" i sobbed. I grabbed my keys and went to the place i last made the go.


I sat on the swing and cried and cried i cant believe they're gone why is it always me?i wanna die too  please let me die please! i just thought of one thing and i could do. I grab a piece of glass  and slid it across my wrist. it did'nt hurt a bit my the pain in my heart was slowly going. one more cut "ah" i moaned one more... one more...

And i realized.

I'm gonna get addicted to it.



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