His Eyes.

Look at me" he said
But I would rather breathe him in
For I am afraid
His two pools of endless black
Will surely be my undoing.


3. Chapter 1;Eyes on Fire.

Emma's POV.

I'll seek you out

Flay you alive

One more word and you won't survive.

Ugghhhh! i woke up by the sound of eyes on fire from my phone. So i take myself away from my love (dramatic much?)and went to the  bathroom ,did my buisness . 1st day of collage. i grab my black skinny jeans and red blouse . curl my hair a lil bit cz of its natural state. and went downstairs. grabbed my keys and headed to the collage but i though someone was watching me when i turned around . There was no one. 

At the collage

i headed to the main office collected me shedule (i dont know how to spell it correctly okay!) and then headed for the first class . good morning class! im mrs lee your  teacher.... 

And soon i realized the class was over. 

So the whole first day was perfectly fine i even made some friends and i can say that.

I headed to home but i wanted to visit my mom and dad so i went to the flower shop and then went to Graveyard.


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