Apocalyptic Love

I always wondered how the world would end, when, and if I would survive...
And now I know. It's been 2 years since It all began in 2016. I was 15 at the time when the virus broke out.

I'm Cyndel Hawkings, and this is my story.

-Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin fanfiction-


5. This is My Story


This chapter is... Uhmm... Violent, cold, disgusting. It's extremely disturbing.

I must say one thing - between every -> ** <- there has passed an amount of time in Cyndel's life. I'm just trying to sum it up a bit :)


Cyndel's POV - 


The sun was shining through the curtains leaving flower patterned shadows on the floor. The apartment was quiet, apart from the mumbled voices that whispered through the television. 

Dad has been living on the couch the past week since we left the hospital. He sit's there all day, he sleep's there too... And he barely eat's - and doesn't speak at all. I don't have the guts to try and have a word with him. He keeps an eye on the television for any emergency messages all day. 


I stepped into the living room and was met with a pale face. He huffed questioningly at me. I moved my feet uncomfortably around and looked into the filthy carpet underneath them.


''We're almost out of food...'' 

I lifted my attention to the grumpy man in the couch. He grunted and scratched his neck with an annoyed expression.

The past few day's had left a heavy weight on him. Just looking at him sitting in the couch with his greasy hair and surrounded by empty bottles left a couple of extra years on his face.


He stood up from the couch and knocked over a couple of bottles in his action.

''Get your backpack'' He said sternly.

I nodded silently and went to grab my backpack.




As we walked through the street's people were running in every direction with their arms filled with various foods and what not. As we arrived at the grocery store it was a mess. Groceries were laying all over the floor and people ran up and down the aisles. The staff stacked their own can's and were just as stressed as everyone else.


''Go get the can's'' Dad exclaimed and I immediately started running while zipping my backpack open.




Dad died today. I heard his coughs at night and knew I couldn't do anything. I found him on the couch surrounded by blood. His skin was like ice underneath my palms as I was shaking him. I knocked on the neighbors door, I needed help to carry dad out of the apartment. They were dead as well... As soon as the door creaked open the indescribable rotten smell filled my nostrils. I had to roll him down the stairs and left him on the street. I had to put on a mask and gloves, just in case he would infect me.


The tears are still running down my cheeks. I feel lost for feelings, like my eyes are just leaking.

I'm in the kitchen looking out of the window. The street's looked like shit... People held a riot last night. They sat fire to cars and destroyed various shops. They simply weren't happy with how the government and military handled the uncontrollable outbreak.



Piles of dead bodies lightened up the street's at night as the fire demolished them. At daytime men and women with mask's walked around and gathered the next pile to burn.

Today they grabbed him. I sat and watched as his body lighted on fire. I just watched with crossed arms. Untouched. Cold. Dead.




It's getting quiet. I don't know anyone anymore. I started writing the day's down in my calender to keep track of them. The electricity stopped working as well as - and the pipes too, no water running at all.

I left the apartment last week, there was no reason for me to stay there anymore. I'm now searching for a new place to stay for a bit. My backpack is packed with a few can's of food and two bottles of water




''What do we have here'' A husky voice spoke behind me.

I was startled and turned around quickly.

''I'm just looking for some food'', I held out the can in my hand, ''Sorry if you own this place''

I looked at him. He was wearing a dirty vest buttoned up and with worn over sized pant's. Half his face was covered with a dark brown beard which appeared black in here where no sunshine appeared. 

He started moving tiny step's closer and revealed his bald head. I gulped and felt my heart pick up in pace.


''No one own's anything anymore, princess'' He wrapped his hands around the gun in his belt.

I tried moving backwards but my leg's collided with the shelf behind me.

''Shh princess, you have to stay quiet, or else my group might hear ya'' He led his filthy hand to my face and ran it across my cheek before gripping my chin harshly and pulling me closer. I started huffing and pushing - which only made things worse. His free hand crawled up my shirt. 

The tears were forming and the muffled cries appeared from my throat.


His touch got rougher and I felt pain shooting through me as his hands left burning marks on my body.




I killed a girl today. Not because I wanted, but because she wanted me to. She was 14... Raped and left on the street. Just like me.




It was early in the morning and the sun was about to shine it's light on the dead city.

I slept behind some trashcans in an ally.

I decided this to be my place now.




''We don't have more water!'' 


I opened my eyes wide and looked around. A voice had woken me up. I listened and kept quiet as I removed the blanket from my body.


''I know, I know...'' A muffle appeared from around the corner. 

I curiously crawled out from my hiding spot and peeked around the corner. Two tall men appeared not far away from me, actually rather close. One of them frustratingly ran his hand through his dark curled hair. The other blonde-haired one stared aimlessly into the ground.

I crawled back to my spot and wen't through my bag. I was out of food, but had plenty of water. I needed to make this trade to survive.


I stood up and walked around the corner. Their attention hurriedly turned to me as they pulled their guns.


''I have water'' I said carefully while holding up my arms.


They sent each other an unreadable look from where I was standing, but I assumed they were asking each other something.


''What can we give in exchange?'' The dark curled man asked. His voice was filled with a strong accent I hadn't heard in a while.


I smiled lightly.

''I'm out of food''


The blonde shot me a concerned look and swung his backpack down in front of himself. 

He took out a few cans and I did the same with my water.


''Come on Harry take down your gun'', The blonde said, ''She's harmless''


Harry... Where do I recognize him from?

I still huffed lightly at the blonde's comment. 'Harmless' what a dick.


Harry put his gun back into his belt and kept his eyes on me. His look was strong. His eyebrows were furrowed together and his piercing green eyes shot holes through me.


''Where's your group?'', He asked rather demanding.


''I don't have group. I'm alone''



~Back to reality~


I once again felt the heat on my cheeks.

I ran my hands across my cheeks to remove the escaping tears. Luke's hand ran slowly up and down my back to calm me down. And I immediately did.


''I'm sorry. But I can't tell you anything besides that''





Hope you enjoyed this horrible chapter c: <3 


And no - Cyndel did NOT tell them her story. She only told them about her mother.


I'm sorry it took so long to update... It's nice to start writing again though xoxo'


Lub u ~<3


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