Apocalyptic Love

I always wondered how the world would end, when, and if I would survive...
And now I know. It's been 2 years since It all began in 2016. I was 15 at the time when the virus broke out.

I'm Cyndel Hawkings, and this is my story.

-Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin fanfiction-


2. Sympathy


harmony of or agreement in feeling, as between persons or on the part of one person with respect to another.


Cyndel's POV-


''It was close'', Luke stated as he looked out of the window trying not to be visible for anyone outside.


''Yes...'', Harry nodded and looked towards the main door which led to the staircase. ''Too close'' his eyebrows were knitted to the center of his face. He lightly clenched his jaw and secured the grip around his hunting knife.


''I'll go down and check'', I whispered and nodded to the boys.

They both looked to me with a thoughtful look followed by insecure nods.


My heart started racing as I headed for the door. With a controlled breath and adrenaline running high I opened the door lightly which revealed the wooden staircase we had entered from. Strands of dust hung down from the ceiling and dead bugs and old newspapers laying around. My eyes scanned the headlines of the papers. 


'New Cure Killed One Million' 

I huffed lightly thinking back. This was how it started. The cure was tested on people worldwide - the first million. When the word spread and the government commanded people to stay inside - everyone went bat shit crazy. We started stacking food at home, stealing in the stores, trying our best not to get infected.


I let my feet tap lightly on the staircase. A small creak escaped the last step as I hit it. My body froze. My heart beat was the only thing I could hear at this point.

I slowly turned my head and was met with a set of eyes on me. I quickly pointed my gun at the man who stood only 3 meters away from me. My muscles tensed up.

He was tall and well-built - without a doubt he could easily overpower me. His chest moved up and down in a uncontrolled pace. His prominent jawline was clenched tightly as his gun hurriedly pointed towards me. He looked like he had been on the run for a while... His brown shirt looked outworn and ripped in all sorts of places, an old backpack hung on his shoulders. His light brown curls were tucked into the grey beanie on his head. 

But to say he was attractive would be an understatement.

The air turned thicker from every second as the tension grew higher. We both remained silenced as we were trying to figure out what to do.


Suddenly the silence broke by a thick British voice, ''Is everything alright down there?''.


I shifted uncomfortably on my feet. The stranger's eyes flinched for a second as his eyebrows pulled together in a frown.


''Yeah.. um.. It's clear'', I yelled back trying to sound as calm as possible. But I was literally shaking with small drops of sweat running down my back- 

I held the intense eye contact with the person in front of me. His face softened and I could see his muscles slightly relax under his tanned skin. 

He mouthed a 'Thank you' and disappeared through the doorway behind him.


I let out a deep sigh and stood for a second to process what had just happened. 

Why didn't I shoot him? He could have easily killed me... But why didn't he?




Hey guys <3 I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all you guys reading this new fanfic <3 
I'm sorry this chapter isn't as long as the other, but... I promise u the next one will! And it will contain another POV- <3


Feel free to share this Movella with your friends or anyone for that matter x'D <3

~Lub u ~<3

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