Apocalyptic Love

I always wondered how the world would end, when, and if I would survive...
And now I know. It's been 2 years since It all began in 2016. I was 15 at the time when the virus broke out.

I'm Cyndel Hawkings, and this is my story.

-Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin fanfiction-


7. Shelter


1. A dwelling place or home considered as a refuge from the elements:

Everyone's basic needs are food, clothing, and shelter.



Cyndel's POV -


It was quiet in the living room. We all sat in a circle on the floor, Harry sitting in between me and Ashton. No one said a word as we all awkwardly ate our breakfast. Luke sent me confused looks once in a while, he wasn't really aware of what had happened. Ashton had his eyes locked of his food the whole time, and Harry was just staring in front of himself the whole time with this thoughtful look that he always has, but this was different - his brows were pulled closer to each other than usual, so I knew he was pissed.


''What's the plan today?'', I finally broke the tension in the room and their looks turned to me immediately. I smiled uncomfortably in return.

''We have to find a new shelter.'', Harry said coldly and looked at nothing again.

''Why? This place is great!'', Luke cheered. Harry quickly eyed him, and we all knew that there were no questions to be asked.




I was pulled into the bedroom by Harry, and he hurriedly closed the door without a sound.


''Are you crazy?'', He blurted out with his wide eyes giving me the death glare.

I crossed my arms tightly. 

''Nothing happened.'', My answer was short and cold.

His eyes ran down my body, he took a hold of my arms and placed them on the sides of my body. I gave him a questionable look and he shook his head in refuse to answer.

''I'm sorry. I thought that... That you - you know.'', He lightly scratched his neck and sent me a half smile.

''I know what you think Harry, but that was not okay.''

His smile disappeared as he signaled me to continue.

''Even if it did happen - then you have no right to react like that.'', I crossed my arms again to prevent me from hitting him.

His eyes followed my arms. He was silent for a moment, and then closed his eyes and ran his hand through his curled messy hair, ''Could you please stop that Cyndel.'', He breathed. I was confused as hell, ''Stop what?'', I didn't actually care - I honestly just wanted an answer to why he did it.

''You are squeezing your boobs.'', he said 

''Then stop looking at them!'', I hissed, ''Why did you do that.'', I pushed my question.


His face saddened, ''I know how you feel when it comes to that topic.'', He fiddled with his t-shirt, ''I know what you went through, and I feel like it's my job to protect you from what scares you.''


I was taken a bit aback from his little speech. Harry has always been protective when it comes to me and Luke, Harry was like our older brother. Harry has always been gentle when it comes to me - like an overprotective dad. Luke was gentle aswell, but not in the daddy way, he was like a brother to me.


There was a knock on the door and Luke appeared - when you talk about the sun. His smile was wide and evident as he saw us.


A smirk was playing on his lips, ''Guys! You can never guess what I just found!'' He said with a wink in his eye.

We quickly followed him as he disappeared and ran to the kitchen,

''Look at I found!'', He said excitingly and held up a can and I immediately smiled - it was peaches.

Harry was already drooling and looked like a 5' year old candy-crazed child.

I must say that they are both looking adorable right now.




''So...'', I sighed and kicked the rock to Luke, ''What do we do?'', I said as we walked down the road.

Luke kicked the rock back to me with this childish grin on his face, ''Kick it far this time.'', He said.

I quickly kicked it as hard as I could and watched it fly down the street, the sound echoed in the dead streets as the stone hit a car. 

''Oopsie...'', I giggled as Luke started running to the stone,

''How could you hurt him like that?'', he pouted towards me as he picked the stone up.

''Him?'', I sent a confused glare to Ashton and Harry - but they just shrugged, ''The rock?''

Luke nodded as he studied the stone.

''Sorry'', I giggled and padded his shoulder.

''Can you stop playing around now?'', I heard Harry huff behind me, his voice was strict and precise as always.

''Yeah sure.'', Luke immediately said and put the rock into his backpack, this boy is unbelievable...


Me and Ashton have been exchanging looks once in a while unsure if we would get in trouble for talking. Harry kept sending stares over his shoulder, like thread to make me stay away from Ash. I find it strange though, they were close friends - and then one night with me in the same bed as Ashton makes them enemies. I get what his point is, and I truly would've been protective aswell, but Harry didn't even listen when I told the truth. I wonder if I should just keep myself to Luke, just to peace it down between Ashton and Harry.


I looked over my shoulder and saw Ashton walking with his head down, his wild curls fell down the sides of his perfectly sculpted face. His head rose and a beautiful smile appeared on his lips as he met my eyes. I smiled in return and mouthed a 'Are you okay?' and he slowly nodded in response.




I watched as Harry zipped down his pants and started sliding them down. His shirt was already on the ground as he kicked his pants completely off. His muscles were perfectly planted underneath his illuminated skin, I watched him as he looked at Luke and Ashton playing in the waves. This would've been a perfect picture. Harry was surrounded my the colors of the sunset, like the sun was hugging his inked body as he walked down the the waves - with his curls perfectly flowing behind him. I let out a deep breath as I pulled my pants down and then ridding myself of my shirt. 


I watched the boys playing around together for a while. They were so perfect each and everyone of them. So different from each other but still just perfect in every way. I shook my head and walked into the waves. It peacefully hit my feet and glided back into the water. A smile was planted on my lips, that kind of smile that you just can't wipe off no matter how hard you try, you can just feel it inside.


This is perfect.




Hi guys, sorry for being slow on updates. I'm lately focusing on my fanfic 'No Hands' It's a Harry Styles teacher fanfic... + I have exams, but they will end next week ;) So updates will be coming soon! 


REMEMBER - that I love you <3 - and to check out my other fanfic ;))))))))))) ( see what I did there )


I was at the 1D concert in Denmark! LIAM WINKED AT ME! I HAVE IT ON VIDEO! Harry was fucking hot dancing in front of me aswell! Niall was sick and coughing :c - And Louis looked me into the eyes. I died a lot. 




Lub you ~<3


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