Apocalyptic Love

I always wondered how the world would end, when, and if I would survive...
And now I know. It's been 2 years since It all began in 2016. I was 15 at the time when the virus broke out.

I'm Cyndel Hawkings, and this is my story.

-Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin fanfiction-


1. I always wondered how...


Cyndel's POV -


always wondered how the world would end, when, and if I would survive...

Everyone had predictions. 


Zombies? Hah, I wish. Then I would've at least had a chance to fight for my family.


Aliens? You know - when I was a kid I used to lay in the grass watching the sky, wondering if we were alone in the universe. And to be honest it would've been a kinda cool way of putting our earth to an end.


Mother Nature? Earthquakes? Tsunamis?  That would've been better too, though. Then there would've been a higher chance for my family to actually be alive.

But no.

Not even Mother Nature choose to put us to an end. We did. 

It was the year 2016 the 20th of March. I was 15 at the time when the scientists hit headlines in every social media with their new 'cure' for Cancer. 

My mom agreed to be a test subject for the new cure. When the doctors told her it was her only chance she saw no reason to decline.

The first month after my mom received the new 'cure' she had no signs of cancer. 

It was a miracle. Too good to be true.

She started getting headaches and threw up. Suddenly her lungs started to fill with blood... And then she died. I still remember how she was coughing and fighting for her life in front of me. How her hand stopped crushing mine as she held it. I remember I was screaming. I was mad. They told me she would feel more alive... Not end up dead.

My mom was one of the first ones to die. And then it began. Chaos started roaming the streets all over the world. Turns out the ''perfect cure'' rubbed off on others and infected them with the same symptoms.

My dad died within the first month after the outbreak. My friends slowly got knocked down one by one and I was just waiting patiently for it to be my turn.

2 months after it had wiped down 3 billion people. 

In the third month it was rare coming across living human beings. You didn't really want to find them anyway, everyone just wanted to survive so you had to be careful when you went outside. People would beat you down and steal everything u owned. Everything.


It's now the year 2018 - I'm 17 years old. Still here, living as much as possible. 

I keep track of the days in a calender if you're wondering - simply drawing a tiny cross on each page day by day. 

When the chaos broke out in 2016 I survived by myself for half a year, eating and drinking whatever I found. Sleeping where there was shelter and sneaking around every person I came across. That's how a little girl had to survive at the time - that's what I figured was the best way of surviving. I once found a girl laying in the streets half naked and lightly sobbing. She was younger than me, as a matter of fact she was 14. Turns out she had been raped by a group of men... She asked me to kill her right on the spot. 


In this world there's no space for childhood. No time for childish games. If you don't grow up fast enough it will be your death.





''Clear'' I carefully yelled and pulled a disgusted grimace when my eyes darted around in the kitchen. Old used plates that had turned into a dark green color were stacked beside the sink, followed by a thick layer of dust making it unable for me to see the counter. The smell in here was heavy, I could nearly feel the dust traveling own my throat. I tried to remain calm and take deep breaths - but it was a struggle I must admit.


''Clear!'', I heard Harry yell from what appeared to be the living room.

''Clear!'', Luke yelled afterwards.


I looked through the drawers searching for something edible, and since this place hadn't been raided yet - by the looks of it - I figured it would be a jackpot.

And I was right. A row of cans were stacked in one of the drawers. I started stuffing them into my backpack as I read the names of the foods I had found.


''Looks like were eating tomato soup and carrots tonight guys!'' I yelled with a slight curve on my lips.


''What did you find?!'', Harry yelled across the rooms. I heard what I assumed was his footsteps headed towards me.


''Baked beans, vegetables, various soups and more to go'' I smiled at him as he leaned against the door frame.

''Did you find anything?'' 


''Only another knife'', he answered  and held up a small pocket knife.


''Can I get it? I lost mine last week'' I pleased.

As I closed the backpack and swung it over my shoulder Harry handed me the small knife and turned around towards the living room again.


''Thanks'' I said and put the knife into my boot. That's one rule in this world - always hide weapons all over yourself, you'll need them eventually. 


I walked towards the bedroom where Luke was searching and watched him from the doorway.


''Found anything, Hemmings?'' I asked and cocked an eyebrow as he turned around with a slight grin planted on his lips.


''You're lucky Cyndel'', he smirked ''fresh underwear for m'lady'' he said in a British accent as he held out a black bra in front of his chest. ''Does this suit me?'', he asked in a serious tone and posed in front of me.

''Yes, you look damn sexy'' I grinned lightly and walked towards the drawer he was searching through.



''This is a wonderland'', I said wide eyed and looked through all the clothes.

Clean clothes were rare these days. I mean, yeah of course we cleaned our clothes, but these looked completely fresh!





The yellow flames flickered and danced as they leapt into the air and heated up our bodies in the dark night.

The picture frames of happy faces still hung on the walls around us. The glass front cover glistened in the fire giving it a certain glow of life. I liked to see old pictures from that time. It reminded me of how wonderful it was. I wish things still were like that... I think everyone does.


We had decided to stay in the apartment we had raided earlier, and had discussed to have a little break from all of the rootless living and stay here for a couple of days.

It was nice to have the feeling of a home. well temporarily home... 

We had cleaned up the living room so it wasn't unbearable to stay there.

I had claimed the couch and made Luke and Harry sleep on the floor. I told them to sleep in the bedroom - but they wanted to stay here I guess.


I drew a tiny fresh x in my calender and put it into my bag.


I closed my eyes and let myself drift into sleep.




I woke up by a loud sound whipping through the air. 


A gunshot


I immediately stood up and held my hand on the gun buckled to my belt. 

Luke and Harry were awake too. We looked questionably at each other probably asking ourselves the same question - Who is dumb enough to shoot a gun in the streets?



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