Apocalyptic Love

I always wondered how the world would end, when, and if I would survive...
And now I know. It's been 2 years since It all began in 2016. I was 15 at the time when the virus broke out.

I'm Cyndel Hawkings, and this is my story.

-Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin fanfiction-


4. Grateful


adjective 1.

warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received;thankful:


Cyndel's POV -


The moon beamed through the ripped curtains that I was facing and lighted up the room. I felt the light hit my skin peacefully as I enjoyed the quietness around me. A couple of laughs escaped the walls now and then which made me think back, it felt like things were like they used to be. 

I was lying in the bedroom comfortably relaxing on my own, I was laying on my side cuddling a pillow. I decided to leave the boys to themselves for a bit in the living room when they started exchanging old memories that I was not a part of. It saddened me a bit that I couldn't do that... No one I knew before the outbreak had survived, I had no one to share old stories with.


The mood had lightened a lot since Ashton joined in. I'm glad I didn't shoot him... What If I had shot him? Would Luke and Harry abandon me?

I shook the thought out of my head. I shouldn't let my mind go any further with those thoughts.


I heard the door creak open behind me. It was quiet for a while.

''Are you awake?'' I heard Luke's voice speak softly filling the heavy air.

I rolled around in the bed bringing my cuddle-pillow with me. His face looked concerned in the moonlight as I was facing him in the doorway, still too lazy to stand up - I nuzzled into the pillow and answered with a slight hum. 

I heard Luke chuckle lightly and only a few seconds later he sat down beside me. I looked up at him and returned the smile he had on his lips. His blonde hair lyed flat down, he looked adorable like that. His lip ring lighted up in the moonlight as he bit it lightly.

''Are you okay?'', his words were soft-spoken. He smiled charmingly and removed a strand of hair behind my ear.

''Yeah, I'm fine''


His eyes glistened in the moonlight, making the blue ocean color seem more frozen. His eyes became hypnotizing. I got caught in the web. His eyes reminded me of the winter landscape when everything was coated with fresh snow, but the oceans and ponds weren't yet frozen. The long walks in the cold but sunny forest, birds singing in joy around you. They reminded me of watching the sun disappear behind the dark blue ocean, leaving beautiful colors casting across the sky. 

They reminded me of the perfect moments.


''Come join me and the boys'', his voice broke my thoughts.

''Uhm... Sure - yeah'' I managed to say sounding slightly confused.


Luke shook his head with a slight grin and leaned over to kiss my forehead. 

''We'll be waiting for you, love'' 

My eyes followed him as he disappeared through the door. I let out a breath I didn't even realize I had held.

These boys are driving me crazy day by day



I walked out of the bedroom with my cuddle-pillow clenched tightly in my arms. It felt like one of those nights when you had a nightmare as a kid and had to walk through the scary darkness to get to your parents safe bed. 

A slight smile danced across my lips of the thought.


As I walked through the door I immediately felt the warmth of the flames heating me up. The boys sat around the fireplace with a plate of food in the middle, talking with smiles all the way to their eyes. Ashton's attention turned me with a gentle smirk playing on his lips as he signed me to come over. The flames made his messy curls stand out even more as his eyes reflected the flames from the fireplace beside him.

Their eyes turned to me as I walked in and sat down in between Harry and Luke. I wasn't quite familiar with Ashton yet, yeah of course I knew who he was - a drummer in a band - but people aren't the same as they used to be.


''You decided to join us'' Harry said and placed his arm around my waist.

I felt Ashton's eyes burning mine as the smile on his lips disappeared. 

I hummed lightly and leaned into Harry's chest and closed my eyes for a bit. I heard Harry chuckle lightly before they picked up their conversation again, but I didn't bother to listen.

I opened my eyes and looked into the flames. The flames grew hot and filled the fireplace. They refused to be contained, condemned to die into ashes, a tame fire. Never. 


My attention turned to Ashton who had his eyes locked on me. He turned to look at Luke and Harry when they talked to him, but his eyes turned back to mine only seconds later. He sent me a questionable look, but I didn't get what he was 'asking' me. I sat up straight and placed the pillow behind me.

As I laid back their conversation stopped for a bit.


''So...'', Luke hummed quietly.

''What's your story?'' Harry broke the awkward silence. I guess the question was directed to Ashton as soon as I heard him sigh deeply.


He was at home when he heard about the outbreak. He spent the last days with his family trying to keep them alive, but in the end he had to give up. His voice became husky at this point. 

He told how he had survived in a group, but had to leave because they started robbing others in the area.

He didn't have much to say. It was clear for me to hear in his voice that he didn't want to talk about it.


''What about you Cyndel?'' I heard Ashton's brittle voice towards me.

I closed my eyes and felt the tears burn the inside of my eyelids. I took a deep breath. I've never told anyone my story. Not even Harry or Luke knew what I had been through before they found me. They have asked me multiple times, but I just ignored their curiosity.


~ Flashback  ~


My dad was dragging me out of the hospital as I screamed and tried to wiggle out of his strong grip. Tears were running down my cheeks drying as the cold air hit the streaks that had been formed. Threats were thrown after the doctors and nurses as we passed them, they looked at me in pity as I was thrown into the car. I was furious. The anger could not be described in any way possible. The pain that the doctors had inflicted her drove me past insane. My dad smacked the door and stood still for a moment. I looked at him through the car window as he leaned against the car with his face buried in his hands. His body was shaking as he started to walk to the driver seat. He sat down in the car and carefully closed his door, his eyes were red and filled with tears as he stared out of the windshield, into the emptiness in his heart. His breath was shaky as he tried to control himself in front of me.



His whisper was brittle and filled with sorrow and regret.




''My mom was a test subject'' 

My cheeks grew hot as the words left my mouth. I kept my eyes on the ceiling when the tears started knocking on my door. The room was quiet for a while to the point where I thought that they had left.


''I'm sorry'' I heard Harry's thick accent cut through the tension that was built.


''Don't be'', I sat up and was met with three pairs of sad eyes on me, ''It was the only option she had... And it worked - at first'' I said as I fiddled with nails nervously.

The memory still teared me apart to this day.



Thank you sooo much for all the views and Like and comments so far! It's amazing to know that some people are actually reading this - and like it c: <3 


The next chapter will be how Cyndel survived by herself before Luke and Harry found her ~<3

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~Lub you~<3


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