Apocalyptic Love

I always wondered how the world would end, when, and if I would survive...
And now I know. It's been 2 years since It all began in 2016. I was 15 at the time when the virus broke out.

I'm Cyndel Hawkings, and this is my story.

-Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin fanfiction-


6. Cozy



1. snugly warm and comfortable.


Cyndel's POV -


I stretched my body out on the floor and shut my eyes harshly. I yawn quietly and sat up, It was still night time and I could hardly see anything, my eyes ran across the floor where the boys were sleeping.

I mentally grinned when I saw Luke's arm clinging around Harry's waist. I smiled to myself. I liked it here with these boys.




Where's Ashton?


My heart immediately picked up in pace as jumped up and picked up the nearest gun. 


''Ashton'' I whispered out in the dark room as I searched in the living room.

No one answered me back. I felt my body heating up as I stepped into the corridor and headed for the kitchen.

I stopped before the door frame and listened. I heard a light breathing.

I quickly turned around, pointed my gun at the visible frame in the dark.


''Wow wow! Holy fuck!'', his voice grew higher, ''It's just me, Ashton!''.


A huge weight lifted off of me, ''Sorry... I couldn't find you when I woke up.'', I placed the gun in my belt and leaned against the kitchen counter.


''I see, It's good to know you that you can take care of things by yourself.'' He nodded and placed himself beside me.

''Thanks'' I breathed.

''But'', I looked up as he started his sentence, ''That was the second time you pointed a gun at me.'', he giggled.


''Shut up'' I laughed and hit his arm, ''Just appreciate that I didn't shoot you'', I said and cocked an eyebrow at him.


''You wouldn't do that'', He stated.


''Don't doubt me'', I joked and pushed him a bit with my shoulder.

''Why are you out here anyway?'' I questioned before he could answer.


He sighed, ''I couldn't sleep.'' He said and placed himself a bit closer, ''Do you have the same problem?''


I started nodding lightly, ''yeah'' I breathed. ''It's sometimes really a struggle'' I grinned lightly.


''Do the guys ever help you with that?'', He asked casually.


''Uhm... What do you mean?'', I questioned.

I had a feeling where this was headed.


''You know... Sometimes it's just because you need to...'', He held a pause and shrugged ever so lightly, ''Release''


I opened my mouth and pretended to be overly offended at his word. His face turned priceless as he looked down at his feet, ''Sorry'' he smiled awkwardly. I started laughing quietly and playfully smacked his arm.


''No, no they do not help me with that.'' I giggled.


His eyes turned to mine with a puzzled look, ''really?'', He rose his eyebrows.




''How old are you?''


''I'm 17'', I smiled, ''How about you?''


'23.'', He stated. 

He opened his mouth and turned his eyes on me, but didn't say anything for a while.

'' I really thought you were older'' he stated once more.


I thanked with a nod, ''And I thought you were younger''


''Would being younger making my chances higher?''


I shook my head, ''No, not after what I have been through.'' I turned my face to my feet, and they quickly became really interesting.


''Wha- wait...'' He breathed shocked, ''Were you -''


''Yes.'' I cut him off and pushed myself away from the counter I had been leaning on. 

''I don't want to talk about it.''


I heard his footsteps follow me as I went into the bedroom.

I sat down on the bed and started rubbing my arm to gain some heat. It was cold due to the night. I looked at Ashton who seemed speechless as he stood in front of me. 


I tried to forget when it happened, but the places he touched me had become wounds that couldn't quite heal.

My eyes stared burning and tears started forming.

Ashton kneeled down in front of me and embraced me in a hug. 

''Sorry'' He whispered in my ear.

''You should get some sleep now Cyndel'' he said as he pulled away.


I laid down and pulled the duvet over my shivering body. I nuzzled my face into the pillow and hummed lightly.


''Goodnight, sweetheart'', His lips placed a light kiss on my forehead as his hands cupped my face. 

He held his gaze into my eyes. A tear escaped my eye and ran silently down my cheek. He wiped it off with his thumb, I smiled at him.


''We'll protect you''


I smiled widely at his comment, ''I know that''.


He stood up and headed towards the door,

''wait!'' I exclaimed in a whisper. His body stopped and turned to me the exact same second.

''Stay here.''


''huh?'' he questioned.


''I'm cold, and I don't like sleeping alone...'' 


''Are you sure?'' he asked as he sat down beside me.


I nodded reassuringly and scooted to the middle of the bed to give him space


As soon as he had placed himself down beside me I nuzzled into his bare chest. His arm carefully sneaked around my waist and pulled me a bit closer. 


''Goodnight'' He hummed.




My eyes shot open. I started coughing as my eyes started burning. My lungs were filled with grey smoke. I felt awfully hot. I stood up and looked around. The flames were surrounding me and lighted up the room. I started screaming for help, my lungs were hurting as I kept coughing.

I bright light lit up behind me and I heard a scream. I turned around.


I sprinted towards her, but the closer I got to her the farther way she got. Tears were leaking out of me at this point. 

I heard her scream my name in pain as the flames hit her.





Her screams became louder and louder...



I shot my eyes open as the door was aggressively kicked open and loudly hit the wall. 

Harry's eyes were wide as mine his. His muscles were tensed up under his white t-shirt and his veins were showing.

His chest heaved up and down.


His eyes landed on Ashton whom had his arm wrapped around me, still leaving light snores.

Harry's knuckles turned white because of how hard he clenched his fists. His eyes grew with anger as he pulled Ashton's duvet off and pulled him off the bed.


I starred widely at Harry when I heard Ashton groan loudly.


Harry didn't seem to notice my looks, his eyes were already attempting to shoot holes in Ashton.


''What the hell man?'', I heard Ashton's husky morning voice. He soon came in sight as he stood up in front of Harry.


''Yeah. What the hell!'' Harry shouted back and pushed harshly, sending Ashton into the wall.


''Harry stop!!'' I pleaded in panic and tried pulling him away.


''Did you make her do it?!'', Harry asked aggressively and pushed Ashton once more.


Ashton sent him a questionable look.

A loud huff left Harry's mouth as he held up a fist, ready to punch him. ''Did,you,make,her, fuck, you.?'' He growled.

''No bro! I- I just slept in here'' Ashton held up his hands in defense.


Harry eyed me, and I nodded- confirming what Ashton had said. He turned towards Ashton again and let his fist fall down by his sides.


''Good.'' And with that - he left the bedroom.



Hi xx

Do people even read this fanfic? I feel like all my readers are gone lately... I don't really get any response.


But oh well... I still love you if you are reading this. ~<3


Who do you ship? I have no idea who I ship.............. HALP c: <3


Lub u ~~~~<3



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