Met by fate

Summer is 5'10 feet tall, has an addiction to dying her hair.
She loves bands and had one, but the Bass player made it huge and went to play with an other band called Black veil brides.
It hurt her even more because he was her own cousin...
Yes her cousins name is Ashley purdy...
Well they didnt talk for a while, but then Ashie invites her to LA to stay with his new band on tour...


3. Chapter 3

Summer’s pov
The next day I woke up and got dressed and did my make up in  the bathroom I was assign since the guys thought I would need my own bathroom. 
So they wouldn’t  barge in when I’m in the shower or something.
Which I find nice. 
As I went down to my room, from the bathroom, I heard somebody fighting over the last monster. 
Of course they would do that, boys are weird!
I went down and grabbed it from CC’s hand, from what I’ve heard then he doesn’t need the extra sugar rush. 
Of course I knew a little about them, except for Andy, I’ve never really had an interest for lead singers. 
“Hey! That was MY MONSTER “CC yelled, so I started running around the house until I ran into somebody. 
I looked up  and saw Andy,  with blood shot eyes. 
As if he had been crying. 
I just got up from the floor and ran towards my room. 
When I got there  I just got my New computer out of the sleeve i got for it.
I decided to call the guys. 
My guys, My band... 
I got so happy when I sae there faces on skype. 
I couldn't just call them since they're still in the UK.
I saw Rylie, Patrick and Blake, it made me so freaking happy. 
"Heeey girl, how's L.A.?" Blake asked. 
I almost cried, because I missed them so much. 
We used to see each othere every day, because of band rehearsels and stuff. 
We truly are the best of friends. 
"U...u m it's fine I guess" I said, but the guys of course thought there was something wrong. 
"SUMMER, dinner is here" Ashley yelled while he was jumped onto my bed. 
Of course the guys are still angry with ashley for leaving the band for fame and   Black veil brides. 
So they ended the call as soon as they saw Ashley. 
"Well  thank you so much! Your royal butthead!" I yelled as i stormed to my closet and locked the door. 
My closet could be locked so  I could change in there.
"Oh come on out Summer! It's not my fault that the yare still angry at me" He yelled back. 
I came out when I heard the door close.
Good for me, he actually was gone. 
I wasn't really hungry anyways, but after about an hour I went into the kitchen and saw a piece of pizza.
Of course I grabbed it, and went into the living room where the others were. 
"Hey guys!" I said. 
They all just  nodded or looked straight at the tv. 
I noticed that not all of them were there. 
"Um guys where is Andy?" I asked the rest of them. 
"He haven't left his room all day really" Jinxx told me. 
That doesnt sound like him though normally he would be out here fooling around with the others.
I went to  his room which was right across of my own room, and knocked on the door. 
 I just opened it  and saw him laying on his bed. 
When I tried to wake him up he grabbed my waist in his sleep and wouldn't let go.
I fell asleep after about 1 hour later. 
I woke up the next morning still wrapped in Andy's arms,  but I could feel him stir. 
Of course he began to scream, but  I didn't care. 
I looked away from him, and then when he got  a shirt on looked back.
"I came in here to talk to you and well you were asleep. So  I tried to wake you up but then you grabbed me and wouldnt let go of me so apparrently I fell asleep next to you...." I rambled, and began to blush.
He started walking towards me and then hugged me. 
"What did you want to talk to me about?" He asked and looked me directly in the eyes.
"u...Um when I  ran into you it looked like you had been crying so I just wanted to know if you were okay since you were in here all day yesterday" I said., and quickly looked away from those beautiful eyes. 
"Um Ju....Juliet broke up with me yesterday." he told me and I hugged him instantly. 
He loved that girl so freaking much,  how could she do this to him? 
I just stayed there, until he looked up. 
Then I swiped the tears away and hugged him again. 
"Let's do something today so we can get her out of your mind" I told him and he just nodded. 
"Let's meet in an hour? I kinda need to get ready" I said pointing at myself, and went to change.
I could hear that it made him laugh. 
I got a Asking alexandria top and a pair of high waisted shorts.
I did my normal make up rutine. 
I was ready.
So I walked down and saw Andy was ready as well. 
I grabbed him and we went outside.
"So what do you want  to do?" I asked him. 
"How about we go down to the carnival down at the beach, I want to win a pulshed Batman" He replied, and I just nodded.
As long as I don't get onto any wild rides, or else he'll see the inside of me litterally.
When we got there, we tried the tea cups, a couple of rollercoasters and then we walked over to the funny booths. 
Where Andy had tp knock down all the cans and then he could get the Plushed Batman. 
He did win the batman, but do you think that was enough for him? 
No of course he had to try it again and won an plushed eeyore for me.
I've loved eeyore ever since I was little.
My grandma gave me this little Eyore for my first birthday I celebrated with her, I guess it  just stuck from there. 
"Thank you for the Plushed Eeyore Andy, but you didn't have to win it for me." I said  and looked at him, when we were buying some cotton candy. 
He bought the Blue  and I bought a mix of blue and pink. 
It tasted great, but then Andy wanted to try the ferris wheel, which made my heart stop.
I've had a a fear ferris wheels since I was in one and it stopped while me and Ashley were on the highest point it had, and Ashley tried to make it swing. 
"OMG ITS ANDY BIERSACK" somebody yelled, great that I have good luck.
"RUN" Andy yelled at me, and I as I was told. 
We ran into a bathroom, it was pretty tight in there but it was fine.
"I'm so sorry about that." he said. 
"It's alright I bet this also happened with... some of your other friends"  WOW I almost said Juliet, that was a close one. 
I guess that  I've had so much fun that  I forgot that he was trying to forget her, for today. 
When the fangirls were gone we snuck out, but of course they had told the paparazi's that he was here so he grabbed my hand and we ran home.


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