Met by fate

Summer is 5'10 feet tall, has an addiction to dying her hair.
She loves bands and had one, but the Bass player made it huge and went to play with an other band called Black veil brides.
It hurt her even more because he was her own cousin...
Yes her cousins name is Ashley purdy...
Well they didnt talk for a while, but then Ashie invites her to LA to stay with his new band on tour...


2. Chapter 2

Summers P.o.v 

As I waited for Ashley I was still talking to Andy.
His band mates still wasn’t here.
“So Andy what is the name of your band, I would love to check it out maybe.”  I said as I was looking towards the exit, where Ashley finally decided to show up. 
“Um actually that’s my band” He said, pointing towards Ashley and some other dudes. 
WHAT?!?! So he was the lead singer Ashley wanted to set me up with.
It’s not that Andy wasn’t cute, but normally I wouldn’t go for guys that knew my cousin since my cousin had a reputation as a Man whore now since he joined Black veil brides. 
Yes I know their name. 
“R... really? Because that’s my cousin Ashley….” I said and blushed.
His eyes went wide, like he wouldn’t expect it.
“You two don’t really look like you’re in the same family.” He said. 
The truth was that my mother, who died of breast cancer, when I was 10, adopted me. 
I had to live with my grandma and Ashley.
So we had spent a lot of time together from when we were pretty small. 
“I was adopted….” I said with a little sigh after. 
He looked at me with sadness in his eyes, as if he said something he shouldn’t have. 

“Oh I’m so sorry” He said quickly after. 
“Don’t be, I can’t remember my birthmother. “
I looked down at the ground. 
“She gave me up for adoption, when I was 5 minutes old.”
 When he was about to answer, I got lifted off of the ground. 
Of course it was the one and only Ashley Purdy…. 

“So I see you two met each other” He said awkwardly.
Andy scratched his neck and answered 
“Sure have we spent the whole ride sitting next to each other, so what do you think? Mate” 
Ashley just smirked and when we got to the car we just drove towards their house. 
I didn't know why though, he never hides anything from me.  
I just looked up at the window and plugged in my earbuds. 
Listening to my favorite song They don't need to understand, by a guy named Andy black. 
I didn't really know anything about him but suddenly I felt 5 pairs pf eyes set on me. 
"WHAT?!?" I asked. 
Everybody was looking shocked but I don't know why... 
"um... we didn't know you liked Andy's music and we did certainly not know that you could sing that well" Ash said and looked from me to Andy and then his eyes laid still at me again.
"I didn't know I was singing along and i didnt know that it was Andy that made this song, or atleast this Andy" I sad pointing at him, making him blush and everyone else laugh. 
I didn't know why he would blush, he has a girlfriend for christ sake and let's just see how many famous people dates unfamous people = zero... 
So any ways Andy is sweet, but I don't see him as more than a friend. 
When we finally arrived at the house I made Ashley show me my room and I just started to unpack after I made the boys carry in my luggage and surprizingly they all did it. 
I didn't know Ashley would help, back home he used to be really lazy... 
When they were finished I said thank you and they left me alone to  unpack except Andy.
He just stood there and watched me.
"Um is there anything I can help you with?" I asked. 
He looked at the ground. 
"Not really I just wanted to say thanks for a great flight with you" He said and left. 
That guy is weird but write great music I guess

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