Met by fate

Summer is 5'10 feet tall, has an addiction to dying her hair.
She loves bands and had one, but the Bass player made it huge and went to play with an other band called Black veil brides.
It hurt her even more because he was her own cousin...
Yes her cousins name is Ashley purdy...
Well they didnt talk for a while, but then Ashie invites her to LA to stay with his new band on tour...


1. Chapter 1

 Summer's Pov.

​I just got a text from my cousin, Ashley. 
Weird... I haven’t spoken to him since he left to go to LA, and now he wants me to go there to visit him and his new band mates.

​He would kill me if he knew that our old band broke apart after he left.

​Well my mum have not been home since she left for a business trip last month, she's rarely home any more.

​So I should probably just visit Ashley, since I haven’t got anything better to do.

​Better start packing my stuff and call him on skype later, even though he have already booked the plane tickets for tomorrow.

​I packed all my bags and put them by my door.

​Then I just got my laptop and JUMPED onto my bed.

​Landing as softly as I could.

​Turning on the computer so I could call my cousin.

​It took a few seconds before I saw the familiar face I had known all my life.

​"Hey cuz " He said with a huge grin on his face.

​I just looked down it felt like he was up to something.

​"Why do you want me in LA?" I asked, cutting right to the case.

​"Because I miss you... and well we might need a singer to perform as an opening act for us and I thought of you as the first person” He said.

​Okay fine maybe I should go....

​Well what could happen? It is not like I'm moving there to start a brand new life there...

​"Fine but for how long will I be staying?" I asked.

​He turned off the mic and looked at another figure, while asking something.

​Then he turned it on again and smiled at me.

​"For about 6 months to a year" He said with a huge smile on his face.

​Of course...  But I don't really have anything to lose do I? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​"Fine I'll pack tonight and get the flight tomorrow..." I said with a little sigh behind.

​Then the skype call ended and I started to pack up some of my things.

​Of course I  couldn’t wait to see him again, but he really  hurt the band and I.

​So I couldn’t just ​​​​​​​​​​tell him that our old band, split up. 

When I finally had  packed all my stuff I laid down and fell into a deep sleep. 
My alarm started at 03 in the morning since the flight was at 5. 
I started to do my make up which had to be light, since I had to sit in a plain for 7 hours. 
So it wouldn’t be nice to sit with a lot of makeup on, which would get messy if I fell asleep. 


I finally got to the air port and when I found my plane I got in and sat besides this really cute guy. 
He had a sidecut and long hair on the other side. 
We started talking and as the hours went by I found out that he had been in uk to meet up with his girlfriend, I think her name was Julie or something like that. 
When the plane landed I asked if somebody was waiting for him and he told me that his band mate would be waiting for him. 

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