Never be like them


14. the end

ASHTONS POV: so I'm now walking off stage with no one... Because I was told that I was a mistake, I shouldn't have been asked to join the band, I was a player who didn't deserve Jessica, I was an asshole and that I should go die. All by Calum.

He must be really upset. I don't get more then 6 steps of the stage and I hear my name "Ashton" "Ashton babe where are u?" It's Jessica.. "I'm outside of the doors" I said and not even 2 seconds later did Luke,Michael and Jessica barge through the doors. "Babe" "no save it, I'm alright" I say kissing her softly. Damn she's good at that. "Where's Calum, is he alright?" I say actually worried about cal, I don't care what he said, I still care about him. "About that" Luke starts "i don't know how to say this but, we kind of kicked him out of the band"

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