Never be like them


1. in the beginning.

"I'll be back I'm like 10 minutes okay?" My mom say while grabbing her keys off the counter "okay mom" I reply while she opens the door I stop her to ask her a question "hey mom" "yeah" she quickly responds "can Calum,Luke,Michael and Ashton come over later?" "Oh yeah of course" she says while walking out the door. "Thanks mom" I yell even though she can't hear me. "Ugh Jessica... What are we going to do for 10 minutes.. I'll just call cal,ash,mike and Luke and ask if there free tonight" I say to myself while grabbing my phone.

"Oh hey Jess, what's up" cal asks "oh nothing. Just wondering what you guys are up to tonight" I say while watching my favourite tv show (pretty little liars) " we aren't doing anything, what u got in mind?" He replies "umm pizza, movie probably, you down?" I ask "well I'm sure Michaels in" he says laughing, I laugh too. "Ask him" I say "alright.MICHAEL, WANNA GO TO JESSICAS FOR PIZZA AN-" Michaels voice cuts him off "ILL BE THERE" me and Calum laugh. "Sounds good" Calum says still laughing "alright, see you later" "yeah, see u" he says as he hangs up the phone.

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