Never be like them


2. calums POV:

CALUMS POV: I put down my phone and went downstairs to see a sleeping Luke and a board Ashton, "hey guys what's up" I say shaking luke "WHAT DO U WANT" Luke says sounding really annoyed "well Jessica was wondering if w-" I started but was cut of by Luke biting my hand "DUDE" I screamed, damn it hurt. "then don't shake me" he said sounding i don't know... Sassy. "Well I'll go, no matter what it is, if she there I'll be there" Ashton said staring at his feet "I KNEW IT" I say climbing over the couch stepping on Luke and falling face first to the ground. "IM OK" I say Ashton just laughs "so are we going" yeah sure now leave" Luke says "okay okay" I reply with my hands in the air.

It might be fun for them but not for me. Ashton likes her and she likes him. Now ur probably wonder why that's a problem and it's not, the problem is.. I'm in love with her.

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